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Top Six Ways to Attach Patches On Your Jackets

by Uneeb Khan
Top Six Ways to Attach Patches On Your Jackets

Did you ever feel any inclination to add patches on jackets? Especially those that looked so lifeless and dull to you? Or are you an emblem or insignia lover to whom these sparky, shiny, yet brightly-colored things intrigued? If all the questions have affirmation, then this guide may be of some interest to you.

The good thing about these patches is that they can cling to any age group and gender. The older people can have their patriotic ones or, as per their taste, early movie heroes, et cetera. At the same time, younger people can curate according to the latest fashion trends, hype, personalities, preferences, and much more.

However, after having the patch of their unique choice and interest, everyone comes in unison on a single procedure. And, of course, this is how to attach them impeccably. It is essential so that they look appealing and give oneself a full of the joys of spring. Now, let’s get started with the several methods encompassing how to make their addition with style on our beautiful jackets. The ways listed below in length are as follows:

The Six Best Ways to Add Patches On Jackets

  1. Using Super Sticky Glue

What suggestion rapidly knocks on your mind when someone asks about sticking something? Of course, glue. Using it is a convenient, easy and cheap option. Well, in particular, you require fabric glue. You must make sure that it has good strength because it lets you immediately stick your emblem quickly.

Moreover, the best selection is to go with a clear-colored one. Otherwise, it looks messy and quite visible. Another important aspect is to purchase one that is resistant to water and dry and cleanable. Else, what’s the use? With one or two washes, your patch will be out of place.

Lastly, it doesn’t go well with ironing. Hence keep this in mind while aiming to remove crinkles from your jackets. You can utilize it on leather or any coat if the adhesive is effectively strong.

  1. Sewing by hand

Have you already ordered motorcycle custom patches and now searching for ideas to attach them perfectly? Well, the cheap and most effective process is sewing. Though it looks tedious and time-consuming, it gives a super neat finish and attractive look.

It is ideal to use invisible nylon thread for sewing, or if you wish to go for dyed yarn, you may. The creativity is all yours. You can assemble tiny, decorative-type patches in an area using a simple sewing method. Although the stitches have the limitation of being weak as the machine-done are very strong. However, you may use a thread of high quality and strength.

Sewing is effective for any jacket, leaving a few. If you want to add heavy metal adornments, then you need some other type of fixes from the machine. A simple thread won’t be appropriate for this.

  1. Ironing on Patches

The ironing method on patches is restricted to specific types of fabrics. For instance, heat can easily damage the leather jacket and even warp it beyond repair. That is why ironing is not a good choice here. But the best procedure is to sew them on it, in this case. However, patches can be ironed onto wool, cotton and cotton blends, and denim.

Applying the symbol on your wearable requires you to preheat your iron until it is hot. Then place the patch wherever you want; ensure you have kept your apparel on a flat surface. Next, you should do something other than directly putting the iron on the patch, which will blemish, char, or burn it. Place an iron-friendly cloth on top of it and then keep the iron with even pressure for the next thirty seconds.

Another quick tip is to press from the inner side as well, ensuring firm attachment. Then allow it to cool down.

  1. Utilizing the service of a sewing-machine

Here comes the method which was long-awaited, right? Whenever any clothing or related item is discussed the first thing that pops into our mind is a sewing machine. Hence, why don’t we go with it for patchwork? Well, we can; however, it does have its limitations.

The sewing machine is efficient and quickly attaches the patch to the required area. Also, one added advantage is that it provides a sturdy attachment.

However, it needs to provide the best finished look. Usually, the most unique and creative designs that are super catchy to the eyes cannot be stuck using the machine. Imagine how tiresomely and accurately you need to move your garment against the needle on the device. And one wrong move and the neatness is withdrawn. Therefore, stitching perfectly around the edges of specific embroidered patches is difficult.

Furthermore, it is advisable to use this method for flat objects and uncomplicated designs.

Sometimes, denim jackets can be very thick, and the standard machine is simply unfit. Thus, in such cases, heavy-duty sewing machines must be used.

  1. Pasting The Sticker

Usually, the custom patches service providers allow you to have your emblem, badge, or patch-like stickers. It is the swiftest and simplest method we have been applying since childhood. How captivating the sticker book used to be and how engaging they were. Such a creative and pleasant task.

These patches are usually two-ply; one that will go on and decorate your jacket. While the other will be tossed into the waste paper basket. You effortlessly need to detach the two or peel off the lighter ply. Now you can hassle-freely apply the emblem your desire to place on your jacket. The best part is that it is suitable for all surfaces. Be it a fabric of any kind, such as denim or leather or any hard or soft cover, and it goes equally well.

  1. Hook-and-loop fasteners

Are you sick of the above procedures and finding something productive? Well, then, you can opt for custom velcro name patches. It is the brand name of a fastener used in clothing, and this is quite eminent and has yet to be known for its original purposeful name, hook-and-loop buckle.

This kind of fastener is a better choice than adhesive-backed patches. These are durable and last longer by effortlessly securing the emblem on your clothes. 

Now there are two options; either you attach the hook-and-loop fastener to your patch, or you can purchase the Velcro patches.

There are also a handful of benefits, including that these allow easy transfer of patches from one apparel to another. Also, they can be reused anytime due to their trouble-free detachability. Another added advantage is that you can remove the patch before wash and conveniently replace it again; this way, the wash will be unchallenging and without any worry.

Moreover, such patches are also regarded as an astounding fashion statement. 


Now that you are entirely equipped with the knowledge of adding, styling, and fixing these patches. It is time to put your fingers to work. Don’t let the thought confuse you about what method will be the best for your particular type of jacket. It depends on the fabric, so you can always peep back into this blog.

Therefore, be innovative and imaginative and attach the symbols, emblems, and logos wherever you like. Make sure they don’t violate anybody’s rules or hurt someone’s sentiments because this may land you into trouble, especially the motorcycle ones. Hence it is better to be safe than to be loggerheads. Lastly, be careful and be creative and start patching! 

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