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How to become a property lawyer in Pakistan  

by Uneeb Khan

Property law regulates a wide range of topics and issues, including different real estate ownership and tenancy arrangements.

Similar to that, it deals with the principles and regulations that regulate property and land conflicts, which can open up intricate legal issues.

To put it briefly, property law largely deals with the sale and ownership of land, which involves resolving conflicts that arise between various parties. In addition to managing mortgages, law firms also handle conveyancing, which is the process of transferring a property’s deeds from one person to another.

As part of your bachelor’s degree, which usually takes three years to complete, you will study property law.

You must set up a training agreement with a respected law firm in your desired practice area during this period. In this situation, you can focus on specialist conveyancing solicitors who will offer more relevant job experience, or you can target multi-practice law companies that work in a variety of disciplines.

You will finish the qualifying LLB portion of the programme through this employee, giving you the opportunity to gain real-world experience and begin practicing law after graduation.

Learning and comprehending the industry lingo is one of the most crucial things to do as you gain experience. The following are some of the most crucial and essential technical terms:

License: In real estate, the buyer of a property is granted a permission (or license) allowing them to occupy the property with their belongings prior to settlement for the home. Rent may be collected during this time, but only with the vendor’s (or current homeowners) express written consent. When a deal is completed and the buyer pays the remaining amount owed in relation to the acquisition, this is referred to as settlement.

The document known as a “Statement of Changes” contains all adjustments for specific charges such as taxes, water, rates, and rent. However, up until settlement, the vendor is obligated to cover all costs. It also describes in detail how these costs are split between the buyer and the vendor. The new owner receives these.All this is done through property lawyers.

Subject to Finance:

 This refers to a stipulation in the contract that requires the buyer of the property to secure financing for a certain sum of money within a specific amount of time. When negotiating real estate contracts, it’s critical to watch out for clauses like this because failure to do so releases them from the buyer’s contract without paying a financial penalty.

In Pakistan as well as the rest of the world, practicing law is a great and professional passion. In Pakistan, every institution respects attorneys. 

You must prepare for the Law Admission test after passing the Intermediate Exam because it is a requirement to become an attorney. The HEC administers this exam, which has certain MCQs on the subjects of Urdu, Islamiyat, math, and English.

Degree: LLB

You can easily be admitted to an LLB programme after passing your law admission test. This is regarded as the bachelor’s degree in law and the LLB.

Law School Assessment Exam:

You must take the Law Graduate Assessment test after earning your LLB degree. The Law GAT is another name for the Law Graduate Assessment test. This test is administered to determine a law student’s capacity.

Obtaining a bar council license

After passing the Law Graduate Assessment Test, this is the final step. However, in this case, you must do a six-month internship with a senior advocate. You can easily obtain your license from the bar following your internship.

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