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The working of runtime application security

by Uneeb Khan

RASP security is a server-oriented technology that is activated as soon as an application runtime begins. What it means is that it can be triggered by function calls, that are present in the source code of an app or an external coat on an app with a single command. But within the code base, most of the developers prefer to use trigger calls as it allows them to formulate a customized app based on the requirements of a business. When you follow this method, it becomes easy to detect the protection parameters and optimize unnecessary risks.

RASP and comparison with WAF

When you incorporate a traditional security measure, the WAF would be on top of the web applications. It is going to inspect only the incoming HTTP traffic, for abnormal usage patterns or attack payloads. This is only going to work in situations when the source of the attack is well-known. It is for this reason that firewall rules can be developed in WAF.

But when it comes to the question of emerging threats, developers are not in a position to formulate rules for blocking them. With RASP security it is known to integrate into an app that detects the sources of threat and goes on to block them at the same time. But it is known to provide a completely different security paradigm in comparison to the traditional form of security approaches. What they go on to do is to protect an app where it blocks all suspicious traffic.

RASP security and its benefits

One of the major benefits of RASP security is that it works from the interiors of an application. No longer it is going to remain as an isolated network protection method like a firewall. Such a feature allows RASP to provide a conceptualized form of service, that is going to take the necessary information from the code base, data logic etc.

  • Penetration testing in an intelligent manner- With RASP security you may conduct an effective form of penetration testing to detect any form of vulnerabilities. Just like the case, it has been mentioned that the software would detect anomalies and respond. Even it is possible to re-program and test the different sections.
  • Know- how about a runtime attack- At a traditional level, the developers could not collect, runtime application security data and they had to rely on guesses or speculations. Things have gone on to change with the integration of RASP security software. It is going to empower the developers with increased visibility into application runtime security threats. This allows them to align the development with real-time events.
  • Incident response in a smarter manner- RASP technology sets the tone for faster incident response. With the active log-in features, developers get an idea about the performance of a real-time application. Once again this is going to further empower their monitoring capabilities, which allows them to design security needs.
  • extending support to compliance development- it is not only about providing security RASP contributes to the development of other applications. With real-time data and in-depth testing, developers can detect the prime source of attacks along with vulnerabilities. This is going to allow them to develop secure applications with fewer vulnerabilities every time.
  • Legal application protection- Coming to a legal application it is an asset for every organization. But with modern advancements protecting legal applications is not an easy task. Most of the legacy apps are formulated in an older format and it makes them difficult to render security against modern attacks. The use of RASP technology deals with this issue as the legacy app is wrapped with an additional set of security features where there is no longer a need to touch the code base.
  • An additional layer of protection- When you align it with the existing IPS and WAF security setups, RASP provides an additional layer of security that is known to improve security and reduces the scope of vulnerabilities. The moment you are using the firewall it protects the app from incoming threats and actively monitors the runtime. It is going to prevent any form of threat that tends to emerge in the app.
  • Cost-effective- It is a cost-effective module in comparison to the security that it goes on to provide. Even it turns out to be a low-maintenance form of technology that detects threats and makes a note related to the log-in details. So in a single package, you get the best of analytical, development and protection benefits.
  • Self-protection- The moment it is deployed RASP serves as an independent form of the security system. It goes on to detect threats and removes them with the minimum amount of human intervention. Hence it goes on to formulate a self- protection environment, where an application is going to protect itself, with precise threats and runtime data.

The reasons why you should be considering implementing a RASP solution

  • It should be easily deployed and requires the least amount of maintenance. Otherwise when the landscape of threat changes it may become ineffective
  • There should be minimum impact on the performance of the application. Without it the security layer would end up losing its entire meaning. This is both at the traditional and unknown concept.
  • It needs to extend support for multiple frameworks along with languages
  • It needs to work seamlessly with other security tools
  • A RASP solution has to be accurate with the false positives, which means that it is not going to block any form of genuine traffic.
  • It should be autonomous, provide support for cloud based applications with all round the clock monitoring and prevent threats.

To conclude Appsealing platforms are of the opinion that RASP solutions with WAF solutions may turn out to be a game changer for your business. More so if an organization needs a quick turnaround and need to respond threats quickly. The applications of RASP security can be mapped over to a RASP layer that has the ability to prevent attacks with a higher degree of accuracy.

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