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Sulemani Hakik:- Benefits, Who, And How To Wear Agate Stone?

by Uneeb Khan
Sulemani Hakik Gemstone

Sulemani is thought to be Hakik’s (psychic) stone. Wearing it charges the individual with good vigor, and it is always thought to be true. It is also used in Fengshui Vaastu and is frequently seen alongside laughing Buddha and other fengshui-related items. Hakik, also known as agate, is a semi-valuable hazy gemstone that is used as a repair stone. It is used as a psychic stone in Astrology.

Positive vitality and contentment are connected with this stone. The name ‘Agate’ is derived from the Greek stream Achates, which runs across Sicily. Three centuries ago, Greek logicians discovered it. It was known as the warrior’s stone in ancient times and was also used in Egyptian charms. Hakik is available in a variety of hues, including red, dark, dim, smooth, blue, pink, green, and darker.

The weight, size, and coloring of the Hakik determine its nature. Sulemani Hakik Stone with dazzling colors or several shades demonstrates outstanding grades. This stone gives the user inner peace and quality, which is beneficial while dealing with stress. It aids in maintaining contact with heavenly powers. Many individuals wear black Hakik mala, which is widely regarded as one of the most powerful assurance stones. It can cleanse the root chakra since it is inextricably linked to the tailbone, which is the root chakra.

Benefits of Wearing Sulemani Hakik Stone

It also alleviates anxiety and regulates erratic emotions. It is frequently worn by persons to keep them safe from dreary plans devised by enemies or ill-wishers. It nullifies the impact of such heinous reviles and propels the wearer towards the path of bliss.

  1. It shields its bearer from evil eye and black magic, imparts a pleasant aura to the environment, and balances the yin and yang, or positive and negative energy.

  2. Creates body equilibrium, which is beneficial for adult persons.

  3. Simply having it around or wearing it helps with self-assurance.

  4. Plant Saturn’s malevolent influence is lessened. Wearing a planet-related hue removes the horrible planetary impacts.

  5. Restores sleep and combats restlessness and disturbing nightmares.

  6. It brings good luck and removes bad luck from the person.

  7. Assists in digestion and assimilation.

  8. Enhances sexual forces.

  9. It alleviates muscular, joint, and lymphatic pain.

  10. Calms sexual tension and puts a stop to marital squabbles.

  11. It aids in female reproduction.

  12. It enhances the center and execution. The wearer is directed toward the goal and is determined to achieve it.

  13. It purifies the root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine.

  14. It’s a fantastic healer and is typically beneficial for medical difficulties, and it also regulates blood flow and treats skin disorders.

  15. It controls the heartbeat.

  16. Hakik’s warm liveliness aids with pregnancy and bosom illness.

How to Wear Sulemani Hakik Stone

Sulemani Hakik, like other jewels, is not worn. Other jewels are worn in proportion to one’s body weight. However, for Sulemani Hakik, it is not required to wear it per body weight. Anyone can wear it however they see fit. It is also not required to wear it as a ring or pendant. It may be used at home, at work, or in the office, and it can also be carried with you. Sulemani Hakik is also used as a healing crystal and is placed in houses to provide grounding and protection. Because of its dark color, many people use it as a jewelry stone.

Who Can Wear Sulemani Hakik Stone?

Anyone can wear Sulemani Hakik since it has no adverse effects and no negative effects on the planets in horoscopes. It is suitable for wearing without consulting or advice. However, this stone should be worn by those who have bad ideas, are victims of black magic, have an evil eye, or are otherwise negatively affected. Those who consider black agate stone a blessing should wear it, keep it together, or store it at home. There are several applications for black agate stone.

Note:-If you don’t know why you should wear Sulemani Hakik you can check this blog for full details:- Why Should Wear Sulemani Hakik?

Where to Buy an Original Sulemani Hakik Stone?

The Sulemani Hakik Gemstone is a sub-Catogry of the Agate Gemstone it is also known as Black Agate gemstone. This gemstone is associated with the Planet Saturn. Saturn is also known as the Lord Shani the planet of karma. The Sulemani Hakik Gives so many benefits such as protecting from black Magic and negative energy, reducing stress, giving strength, helping to focus on your goal and so many other benefits.

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