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Solution For Addiction To Streaming Platforms

by Uneeb Khan

Streaming platforms can be very addictive as there are no advertisements and you can keep watching anything one after another. You will stay glued to your screen without getting anything else done. So today we are going to provide some solutions for addiction to streaming platforms. 

After subscribing to a streaming platform, many tend to finish all the episodes of a season in a single session. This is the first symbol of addiction. Many even subscribe to a streaming platform to finish as many shows as they can in one month’s duration. 

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As we all know, the owners of streaming app services and the makers of movies or television shows generate buzz about their productions in the internet market, piquing people’s curiosity and encouraging them to watch the content as soon as it becomes available.

What are the reasons behind streaming whole day? 

The reasons for streaming the whole day without taking a break are: 

  • Some watch in a rush to avoid spoilers and finish their shows in no time.
  • Some watch in order to catch up with the series and watch the latest episode so that they can discuss it with their friends and colleagues.
  • When someone loves a specific show they tend to watch it continuously all day long. They simply cannot stay without it.
  • Some wait for their show to be released and watch it as soon as it is out. As they are not interested in any other shows. 

Hence, no matter what the reason is it leads to streaming platform addiction, and according to health experts, has serious consequences. It will obviously have serious consequences as people stream for weeks in year

What is the proof of its addiction?

After the research, they found that nowadays teenagers have been watching content for ten hours a day. They have also found that in one sitting, people finish more than 5 episodes, which is approximately 60% of the subscribers. On the weekends, the number increases. Every night before sleeping, everyone watches at least one episode of their favorite show. These prove that streaming platform addiction is not to be taken lightly.

How can it impact your life?

It can impact your life in multiple ways, if you are a student, it will surely affect your studies. And if you are working, it will have a huge impact on your day-to-day work as it will hamper your concentration power. It also hampers your sleep, many watch their favorite show in one go, and they binge-watch the whole season in one night. In many cases, it leads to some type of mental or emotional issue. 


The solution is multi-fold and it will take some time to get rid of this addiction. Firstly, only subscribe to a limited number of apps, and only subscribe if you are planning to watch a show.  Watch something you enjoy, not what others recommend. 

This will greatly limit the number of shows you watch. You can always create a schedule and follow it. For example, you will watch one or two episodes before sleeping. However, the best solution is to develop another hobby. But make sure that your hobby is healthy and productive.

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