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Shisha: A Way Of Life In The Middle East

by Uneeb Khan

According to widely held notions, having shisha emerged to be a culture in the Middle East as a means of relaxation and escape from the hot and arid climate conditions in this part of the world. Hookah, in fact, has its origins in the middle eastern countries from where it has now become a worldwide rage. 

To say that hookah or shisha is an inherent part of Middle Eastern culture would hardly be an exaggeration. A typical afternoon in the Middle East has people enjoying sips of tea and puffs of shisha. They exchange ideas, have meetings, discuss sports, politics, and what not at shisha places in Dubai! And let’s admit it, when it comes to having a good time with friends or colleagues, shisha can be a great accompaniment! Premium shisha online works wonders in helping you unwind after a long day at work. 

The coal-driven conversations

It is a common thing all over the world that food and drinks bring people together at the table, and if they have good company, it’s an added bonus. When it comes to having shisha in Dubai, ordering coal after coal is what keeps them going at social gatherings and parties. Think of premium shisha online as a catalyst that draws people together and allows them to bond over something in common as they discuss different ideas and topics. Even visitors from the West never miss the opportunity to try shisha in Dubai.

The life of parties

Shisha is a favorite thing amongst Middle Easterners, which means whenever there’s a social event, be it a family gathering, a semi-formal occasion, or simply a party with friends, this is a much-awaited element in it. Of course, every party must have a dedicated person to change the coal, another one to charge the hookah and get it ready, and so on. 

People have engaging conversations as they indulge in hookah. As they blow the smoke in the cool evening air, they exhale all their tiredness and worries. Leave alone parties, most Middle Eastern countries also have people enjoying hookah casually in the streets. 

What does a typical shisha evening look like?

You first need to choose a companion or bunch of friends, as premium shisha online is best enjoyed in company. You should at least have a couple of hours in hand so that you can relish the experience and not rush it. People generally prefer slow, unplanned conversations while they are taking hookah puffs, as too serious or premeditated topics will kill the fun. It is also important to choose the shisha places in Dubai with care, as that can really make or mar your experience. 

Most of the nice lounges serving shisha in Dubai come with outdoor booths in the form of tents; though these are open to the streets, they ensure sufficient privacy from neighboring tables. For the most part of the year, Gulf States allows you to enjoy the warm evening comfortably, with outdoor seating in a shisha lounge. Ideally, you should go for ‘souk’ or market areas for shisha places in Dubai, where motor vehicles are not allowed. Even rooftop shisha gardens are excellent at setting the mood for a long, relaxing evening. Though some shisha-lovers prefer indoor lounges, you will have ample options to avoid heavy fog that builds up indoors due to so much shisha smoke in an enclosed space. 

Once you are comfortably seated in one of the best shisha places in Dubai, ask for the shisha menu. The plethora of choices will surely bowl you over; however, the most popular picks are apple, grape, rose, and mint. If you want to play it safe, you can go for these flavors as they hardly go wrong; on the other hand, if you’re in an experimental mood, feel free to explore the more exotic flavors such as banana, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and so on. If it’s a traditional shisha lounge, it is quite likely that the menu will include some plain tobacco shishas without any additional flavors. 

What to Order

If you’re just a beginner, it’s advisable to steer away from the novel flavors and stick to the conventional ones. If you like something sharp on your throat, go for an apple, while if you prefer a smoother, almost bland feel on your throat, then you’ll appreciate the grape flavor. Some hookah lovers like to nibble on something while enjoying their shisha; if you’re one of them, you can settle for a little hummus served with an accompaniment of local flatbread. Make sure you don’t order anything too hot or heavy. It’s also a good idea to have cool fresh water by your side, or maybe some tea infused with mint. However, note that the Gulf countries always serve tea and coffee tea unless you specifically mention not to add sugar. 

Key Takeaway

If you’re considering buying shisha, it’s better to first try ample cafes so that you know what exactly you want. You also need to learn the techniques of preparing shisha at home. Technically speaking, any smokable substance can be put into a shisha pipe if you want to set it up at home, but if you’re at a commercial establishment, you can only expect tobacco shishas. So without much ado, indulge in a delightful evening of shisha, be it in the Middle East or any part of the world you’re in!

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