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PRINCE2 vs. Agile: A Comparison

by Businesszag
PRINCE2 vs. Agile: A Comparison

Businesses today aspire to implement strategies that can make tasks more straightforward, easier to adjust, and more affordable. To manage a large number of projects, it is essential to use a structured strategy.    

Numerous frameworks should be employed in every project. Choosing one of these frameworks is challenging. It can be tricky and difficult to make a decision.

Before selecting the project management framework best for your project. Among the most popular frameworks are both PRINCE2 Agile or Agile and PRINCE2.    

But how can the two be different? Can we use both PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 Agile for project management purposes? Do we need PRINCE2 Course and PRINCE2 Agile Foundation course to operate a project? Let’s check out the blog to answer such questions. 

We will be discussing the following: 

  1. What is PRINCE2? 
  2. What is Agile 
  3. Key Differences between PRINCE2 and Agile 
  4. Conclusion 

Now, let’s learn about PRINCE2 and Agile and how they differ. 

What is PRINCE2? 

The most extensively used project management approach worldwide is PRINCE2. PRINCE2 Project (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) focuses on managing resources and risks through organised, controlled stages. 

It has several stages, principles and themes that allow PRINCE2 methodology to divide work systematically and focus on the pr-determined goal. 

What is Agile 

Earlier known as Agile and now PRINCE2, Agile is an umbrella term for the various frameworks, methodologies, and procedures development teams use to deliver their products. The most well-known Agile methods include Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, and Lean.

Agile methodologies emphasise regular deployments and client input while breaking up project activities into more minor phases. Despite having been created initially for software projects, it is currently utilised by other industries. 

Key Differences between PRINCE2 and Agile 

While PRINCE2 is a project management method, Agile is a framework that gives rise to project management methods like Scrum and Kanban. Let us now look at some significant differences between the two: 

  1. Using a strategic lens, PRINCE2 assesses projects to determine if they are on track to achieve their objectives. While Agile’s primary goal is ensuring the product fulfils customer needs. Until the requirements are fully met, the product is incrementally enhanced to include client feedback. 
  1. Agile focuses on rapid, group-based product development. To deliver product prototypes and get user input, teams interact with stakeholders. But, in the PRINCE2 methodology, the entire project structure is estimated and planned.
  1. The individual responsibilities, however, should be meticulously planned in PRINCE2. Teams can freely incorporate it with other project management techniques like Agile or Scrum.  
  1. Agile has an adaptable nature. Projects are not always thoroughly planned by teams. As an alternative, they work on one product iteration, make it available to the public, and then move on to the next. While PRINCE2 is predictive, it continuously anticipates potential risks and develops a plan to reduce them. 


Both the predictive methodology of Prince2 and the adaptive approach of agile can be used to enhance projects. All projects can provide finished goods to customers utilising these two methods while calculating all risks and timetables in advance. 

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