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Marketing of the Future: Strategies for 2022

by Uneeb Khan
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We live in an age where it is easy to start a business. There is no need to rent a space or buy expensive equipment. Anyone can create an eCommerce site and generate revenue. But the ease of entry has resulted in heavy competition among brands. Missoula SEO provides help to build the small business to be found on Google. They provide in the region and also  may outside the region on the base of the case.ECommerce brands have to put a lot of effort into attracting customers. However, there is a way around it: brands having an eCommerce strategy can rise above the noise and beat the competition. Here are some eCommerce strategies that brands can use.

Offer Social Logins

Brands should ensure that their website is accessible to users. Creating social logins with the help of an eCommerce digital marketing agency is one way to make the site more accessible. If visitors see pop-ups asking users to register before using the services, they could lose patience. But if there are social logins, customers can enter the site by clicking a button.

Social logins remove the need for customer registration. Customers don’t have to go through the lengthy registration process on various platforms. They can log into the platform through their Facebook, Instagram, or Gmail account. Social logins ensure that customers enter the site and reduce bounce rates. It also provides the incentive to make more purchases, as the site is easy to use.

Buy now, pay later

The buy now and pay later option appeals to modern consumers who want to gratify their senses. They might not have the money at the time of purchase, but they might pay for their product in several installments later. The ‘pay later’ options encourage impulse buying and drive conversions. It appeals to young customers who want to have parties with their friends. The pay later option helps students avoid the fear of being excluded from their peers just because they don’t have sufficient money at that instance. It might be worthwhile to work with an eCommerce digital marketing agency to create compelling CTAs.

Store pickup options

ECommerce brands have information about delivery and shipping. But some customers still prefer to pick up their products at the local store. They want to participate in the experience of receiving their brand new product in the store. Some items, such as gifts and holiday essentials, are better delivered at the store than home delivery. So, it is necessary to ask an eCommerce digital marketing agency to create a store pickup option on the website.

Highlight green initiatives

Consumers today are socially conscious, so brands should highlight the steps taken to preserve the environment. The goal is to reduce the burden on the environment by using recyclable items. Brands should use paper and other recyclable items for their packaging materials. They can use green badges to show that they care for their environment. Also, they should say that they source products from suppliers that have a good reputation and engage in fair trade.

However, it is important not to exaggerate or make false claims about green initiatives. Doing so will destroy the reputation of the brand. So, brands should launch green initiatives and talk only about what they do through their blogs. Consulting an SEO company in Adelaide will help highlight green initiatives through the site.

Include countdown sales timer

Brands can include widgets that tell the audience that the time is running out for a product. The timer forces the user to focus on the product and take action. Even if the website has thousands of products, the timer will draw the user’s attention. Companies can offer huge discounts and encourage customers to make purchases with timers.

As the time runs out, customers would feel pressured to respond. Holiday seasons are good times to leverage countdown timers to increase sales. But brands can also include timers to sell products that don’t get much attention at regular periods. Adapting the website for holiday seasons with the help of an SEO company in Adelaide will also boost conversion rates.

Social Media Shopping

Social media platforms have a vast population, and customers spend more time on social media than on other activities every day. Brands should not miss the opportunity in targeting their audience on social media. If they find it hard to do themselves, they can hire an SEO company in Adelaide to do the job. They should start with setting up social media accounts on popular platforms.

The next step is to publish content that speaks directly to customer pain points. Brands can get more engagements if the content hits the audience’s pain points. Finally, they should allow customers to buy their products from the post itself. Shoppable posts save time and help make purchases on the app itself. So, these posts attract more people to take the plunge. Companies can benefit from customer data and study the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Upselling and Cross-selling

Customers could change their minds anytime when offered a better product. Competitors always try to woo the customer with their products. So, brands should ensure that customers find that their products fulfill their needs. Brands can offer suggestions about an upgraded version of the same product. Similarly, brands should provide recommendations about complementary products. When customers see how both products depend on each other, they will buy both.

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ECommerce brands should also track items and study why they did not make the purchase. Then they can send personalized emails with recommendations of related products. The customer can reconsider his decision anytime. So, brands should utilize upselling and cross-selling to drive more sales.


Learning about new strategies is good, but there are limits to them. There could be budget constraints, and not every brand can afford to implement them. So, it is essential to think strategically and read the situation accurately. That is how brands can win more customers and transform their website into a powerful sales machine.

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