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Looking to buy an AIO PC or a mini ITX motherboard? Read this first.

by Uneeb Khan
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Since its inception, computing has come a long way, and several modern innovations in this field have managed to supercharge the development process even further. There was a time when PCs were giant boxes and bricks, and their usable applications were pretty limited as well. With the dawn of the new millennium, developers and manufacturers alike started to think up new designs, and everyone from OEM manufacturers, software developers, the thin mini ITX supplier, etc. everyone boarded the bandwagon.

Among all these fast-paced developments, AIO PCs and thin mini ITX PCs created their own niche in the market, and spread their wings far and wide. Although diminutive when compared to their conventional counterparts, these PCs are just as potent as the conventional ones, if not more. These modern PCs can be prominently found in commercial establishments like offices, shopping malls, factories, etc., and domestically, wherein they are employed as workstations or gaming PCs. Highly customizable, these PCs can be modified and upgraded to fit specific roles.

Here, we will be taking a look at the factors that one must take a look at before selecting an AIO or mini ITX PC. So, let’s start.

The buying decision.

Several factors may influence the final purchasing decision of AIO PCs or ITX PCs, and here, we will be discussing some of the features that one needs to keep an eye out for while picking one up. We would proceed chronologically, wherein we would be addressing the AIOs first, and then move on to the mini ITX PCs.

All-In-One PCs

When it comes to AIO PCs, they sport a form factor that is much smaller than their conventional counterparts since they have managed to eliminate the CPU and other allied accessories. These eliminations ensure that the overall bulk of the PC is restricted to a minimum, and there are several factors that one needs to consider while picking up an AIO that has been manufactured by a reputed all in one PC factory.

The processing capabilities.

When it comes to PCs, the processors can be compared to the engines in automobiles, and one needs to keep an eye out for the latest and the most powerful ones out there. AIOs come in all shapes and sizes, and everything from the Intel Celeron to the Intel i7 and i9 can be found in them. It would be a good idea to pick one up that comes with a powerful enough processor for the purpose that you would be using it for. If you are looking for a good gaming option, then the latest generation Intel i5 or AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600x would be great choices. For an office pc that isn’t oriented towards media content creation, a mid-tier processor, like an i3 or a Pentium would do the job just fine. If you are unable to find one off the shelf that suits your requirement, you can get in touch with an all in one PC factory, who would then customize and make one for you.

The media packs involved.

One of the main USPs of AIO PCs are their form factors, and the elimination of the CPU wouldn’t help much if a bulky speaker and camera setup are carried forward. Therefore, it is advisable that you pick one up that comes with these pre-installed. There are several AIO PCs available on the market that come equipped with speakers and webcams, and these are the ones to go for if you are looking for a PC that has some media credentials as well.

The screen sizes.

When it comes to AIO PCs, the screens are all that they feature for the most part, and picking one up that features a large enough screen is a good idea, for they would be providing some of the best viewing experiences out there. Be it for gaming or office usage, having a PC that sports an outstanding display is a boon. Some of the AIOs out there even feature touchscreen setups, but their applicability in the real world depends greatly on what they are being used for.

These were some of the features that one must look out for while purchasing an AIO PC. Now, let us take a look at the features that one must consider while selecting a thin mini ITX motherboard from a good thin mini ITX supplier.

Mini ITX motherboards.

Expansion capabilities.

When it comes to assembling a PC, having extensive expansion capabilities is crucial. Thin mini ITX motherboards can be extensively customized and modified, but that would only be possible when there’s a wide array of extendable ports available. This is something that one must look out for while visiting a mini ITX supplier.

The size.

The smaller, the better. That’s the mantra when it comes to mini ITX PCs and one of their main USPs is their small form factor. So, if you are opting for a larger ITX motherboard, then that pretty much defeats the overall purpose of getting a mini ITX motherboard. Getting a mini ITX motherboard from a mini ITX supplier would limit the overall form factor greatly, and that would in turn help with space savings.

Power consumption.

When it comes to mini ITX PCs, their reduced power consumption figures are a boon for businesses and offices that employ a large number of PCs, as the savings can soon add up. While shortlisting mini ITX motherboards, one must always look out for the ones that consume the least amount of electricity, while performing optimally as well. By getting one from a good thin mini ITX supplier, the power savings can be maximized.

Final take:

If you are looking for an AIO PC or a thin mini ITX PC, it would be best to consider these factors. By visiting a reputed Chinese thin mini ITX supplier or an AIO solution provider, you would be getting the best there is.

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