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Jamie Cashion Inducted into the TYGA London International Hall of Fame for Martial Arts

by Anna Styles


In a ceremony held on June 24, 2023, Martial Arts Grandmaster Jamie Cashion was officially inducted into the TYGA London International Hall of Fame for Martial Arts. This induction, where he stood alongside martial artist Chuck Norris, marks Grandmaster Cashion’s 11th recognition in a martial arts Hall of Fame.

Grandmaster Jamie Cashion is receiving the award on both the grounds of his martial arts skills, and also his dedication to philanthropy. His influence extends far beyond the dojo; he is known for his contributions to communities around the globe, including outreach efforts as far as Uganda in Africa.

Upon receiving this honor, Grandmaster Cashion expressed deep gratitude and humility. In his own words, he stated, “I am humbled and blessed by the opportunity the Lord has given me.” This sentiment reflects his approach to martial arts and life – one rooted in gratitude, service, and a desire to uplift others.

The TYGA London International Hall of Fame for Martial Arts is renowned for recognizing individuals who have made significant contributions to the martial arts world.

Grandmaster Cashion’s journey in martial arts is characterized by resilience, passion, and a profound dedication to sharing his knowledge and experiences with others. His induction into the TYGA London International Hall of Fame is not only a personal achievement but also a celebration of the values and spirit he represents. As a role model to many, his legacy continues to inspire the next generation of martial artists and community leaders.

This recognition serves as a reminder of the powerful impact that martial arts can have in shaping lives and communities. Grandmaster Cashion’s story is one of triumph, altruism, and the transformative power of martial arts. As he joins the ranks of other esteemed inductees, his journey stands as a shining example of the profound difference one individual can make in the world.

For more information about Grandmaster Jamie Cashion and his work, please contact jamie.cashion@yahoo.com.

Other Achievements of Grandmaster Jamie Cashion

2013 Official karate Magazine’s  ‘GOLDEN SHUTO AWARD”

2013 Masters Hall of Fame

2013 Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame

2013 U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame

2013 Martial Arts History Museum

2015 Action Martial Arts Magazine “HALL OF HONOR”

2015 inducted by Cynthia Rothrock into the Legends of The Martial Arts “HALL OF HONOR” 

2016 THE “WHOS WHO” in Martial Arts Hall of Fame

2016 All Pro Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame 

2017 Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame

Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award

About TYGA London International Hall of Fame for Martial Arts

TYGA International governing body was founded by Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski. Being honoured worldwide for his ability, dedication to the martial arts and has been training in the arts since 1966. TYGA International was created for training in Self-Defence, Full Contact, Semi-Contact and Point Fighting and offers training in all aspects of inner confidence and awareness training. For men and women, boys and girls worldwide. For all ages and skill levels. Regardless of Nationality, Race, Creed or martial art style politics.

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