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Is there a special appeal to a guaranteed job at InsideAIML that is attracting so many applicants?

by Uneeb Khan

Why are so many prospective employees signing up for the job guarantee programme offered by InsideAIML?

InsideAIML, which is India’s largest online Bootcamp for training in AI skills, has revealed that the number of professionals who have selected and are using its learning platform has reached the milestone of 5,000.

The company started its activities in 2018, reached the milestone of 500 employees in fewer than four months, and tripled this figure to 800 in less than one year. After another five years, the business has now surpassed the 5,000-user threshold on the platform. AskTalos.com and InisideAIMl have just formed a partnership to offer candidates real-world experience working on live projects.

On average, more than two hundred new students sign up for the programme and begin receiving instruction on it every month. This number is comparable to the whole number of students enrolled at a large institution.

Learning while working has boosted this epidemic-driven spread. InsideAIML collaborated with artificial intelligence software company AskTalos to give students a great opportunity. Students must now complete real-world assignments in real-world settings.

InsideAIML’s Chief Technical Officer, Vikram Baker, has said that the company’s “high-tech Bootcamp-style learning model, hands-on projects, real work experience, and partnerships with corporates stand as solid pillars” in making InsideAIML the upskilling partner of choice for individuals and corporations across the country.


InsideAIML’s four programmes include data science, AI, ML, and digital marketing. InsideAIML is the first company in the industry to provide its students with the opportunity to gain real-world experience working with a corporation in an office setting and under the supervision of project managers. The Master’s in Artificial Intelligence programme offered by InsideAIML, which is offered in cooperation with AskTalos.com, features a 100% Job Guarantee.

“Online learning is becoming increasingly popular among students and professionals as continuous learning and upskilling become vital to career success,” stated Nitin Khanna, Digital Growth Director at InsideAIML. Given that in fewer than five years we went from having 1,000 learners to having 5,000 learners, we are enthusiastic to continue to increase our service offerings.

In 2021, InsideAIML launched a programme for the development of professional skills known as self-paced learning. This curriculum provides over 250 hours of video-based instruction at your own pace, covering over 30 marketable skills. Students can research in-demand topics in top professional and technological fields to make informed education and career choices.


Even while individual B2C learners make up the majority of the customer base, the organisation also provides outcome-driven corporate training and upskilling programmes. Short-term and Master’s degree programmes in digital skills and new technologies are also available to prospective students through InsideAIML.

InsideAIML’s training approach emphasises not just giving students a taste of what it’s like to learn in a real classroom, but also preparing them for the workforce by having them complete real-world projects using the same tools and techniques they’ll use on the job in high demand today,’ said Vikram Bhakre, CTO of InsideAIML. Training at InsideAIML emphasises not only giving students a taste of what it’s like to be a student in a real classroom but also teaching them marketable skills and how to use cutting-edge software.

He elaborated, stating, “This is all made possible by InsideAIML AI-powered learning platform, which consistently achieves high engagement rates and gives learners with an experience that is both engaging and effective.” unparalleled in its scope.” InsideAIML provides more than 150 live classes and programmes, each of which can be accessed in one of four streams. Master’s degrees in artificial intelligence, professional certifications in data science, and AI-driven digital marketing are the only ones among them that guarantee placement after completion. This is the reason why InsideAIML is receiving applications from such a large number of potential applicants.

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