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Is Shopify good for investing in 2023? Well, it’s the most basic question that most retailers think about before stepping into the shoes of a Shopify merchant.  Don’t worry about it. Because we did the needed work for you. Here in the article, we will walk you through why Shopify is the best platform to work with this 2023. Whether you are starting or looking to re-platform, this post can help you. 

Why Exactly Shopify Should Be Prioritized Over Later Ecommerce Platforms?

Shopify is the widely discussed platform in the market with its ease of use, reliability, and good customer service. Whatever the business size is, Shopify got everything covered to run an effective online store.

Through a user-friendly interface, Shopify is praised for its quick loading times, customer service, and hassle-free usage. Their  dashboard made retailers handle and  upload products, and track performance easily 

Talking about designs,  Shopify provides several custom templates that reach all your brand needs. To rank higher on SERPs, their SEO tools do wonders to attract several consumers. Manage carts, and shipping costs, create drop shipping simply, and more with Shopify. 

The reason why to invest in Shopify in 202

1. Easy to use

Shopify’s functionality is known to be easy to use & handle. Merchants of Shopify can use their dashboard hassle freely and quickly.  Also, users can operate and manage the store through Shopify without any technical expertise.

Understanding the pros & cons of laws and security are needed to expand cybersecurity problems. Shopify looks after server management,  security, and software updates, along with many more tasks. 

2. Hosted solution

If you are launching an online business, then web hosting could be very tough, to begin with. Having a shopping cart requires good technical support with more spare time, which can be quite helpful for startups. But, Shopify is an excellent hosted and cloud-based setup solution. So, no retailers should worry about the databases or servers. 

You could access the store from everywhere through an Internet connection and admin login details without the setup. The main thing to remember is that it helps users in managing payment gateway, which makes work seamless and easy.

3. 14-Days Free Trial

Anyone who is trying out an Ecommerce platform for the first time can’t trust and have confusion with the store. But you don’t have to face it with Shopify. Shopify lets merchants test their features with their free trial pack. The one thing you should do is build an account with contact details. And also answer questions regarding the initiative. 

After you created the account, you could access the 14-day free trial to test every Shopify feature. You can build collections to link them,  create product & product variations, language support,  modify storefront design, dashboard settings, Store setup, and more. The only thing which you might not get through the free trial is to publish the domain live. However,  Shopify offers a default primary domain. 

4. 24/7 security support 

Running an Ecommerce store and handling the troubles is no joke. Nonetheless, Shopify is very beneficial. Because store owners are blessed with Shopify’s security & technical support 24/7.

Shopify owners gather the credit card data of customers every single time while purchasing. That makes security an important aspect. Shopify always ensures the platform is safe & secure with all the actions and laws.

If consumers are exploring a website to buy, your website needs to be compliant. And also display the HTTPS. Managing these issues is what Shopify is known for. 

5. Technical support 

Along with security, crashing or a website going down can be really serious issues, especially whether an audience visits your site for the first time. No matter what time it is you should get in touch with someone to resolve the issue. But if you had Shopify with you you don’t need anyone else.  Just talk with the Shopify team through the toll-free numbers or live chat. One can also reach out to a Shopify agency such as NOIR & BLANCO which is known to offer ongoing maintenance and customer supports to help retailers 

6. Enormous Design Options & Apps

First impressions are always the best impressions.  Thanks to Shopify, you can make it easy for you to look and feel cooler for visitors which excites them to buy anything from this pretty sure.  If you like to have a custom slant than just a normal theme, then look at many possibilities. Whether you like to help in building the store or creating changes in the site design, Shopify is just a click away via email and call. 

And the Shopify app store has several apps that meet all your needs to boost your store functionality. Its apps and tools involve inventory management,  social media, reporting, customer serviserviceetc. These can mechanize a lot of aspects of your business.

Need Help Hiring A Shopify Agency

A successful store isn’t just increased by hassle-free functionalities and browsing. It needs continuous support that makes the store convenient and top among competitors.

Need assistance in developing an online store, the valid solution can be hiring a Shopify agency.  Shopify experts, such as NOIR & BLANCO gaining an edge these days.  From Shopify setup, Migration, and designing to development and 24/7 assistance , you can get help with everything. 

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