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Is Critical Illness Insurance Worth It?

by Yasir Asif
Is Critical Illness Insurance Worth It

Critical illness insurance is a type of supplemental health plan. It pays out a lump sum to cover expenses related to specific illnesses. These plans have become increasingly popular as the cost of health insurance continues to rise and people are looking for ways to pay for large medical bills.

It’s a safety net

Whether as a rider on your life insurance policy or as a stand-alone product, critical illness coverage provides some financial breathing room. It pays out a lump sum, or a series of payments over time, if you’re diagnosed with one of the covered conditions. The money can cover deductibles, copays and other out-of-pocket expenses as well as cost-of-living costs during treatment and recovery.

Medical costs can quickly add up, and it’s hard to predict how much you might need if you get sick. That’s why so many people are turning to critical illness policies as a safety net that helps keep them out of debt and avoid financial ruin.

If you’re looking for an individual policy, it’s important to shop around. Different insurers offer a variety of policies with varying coverage limits and benefits. You can compare critical illness insurance quotes online to find the right plan for you. Some individual CII plans cover just a handful of ailments, while others cover up to 30 conditions.

It’s a money-saver

A critical illness policy pays out a lump sum when you’re diagnosed with one of the specified illnesses covered by your plan. You can use the money to pay for any costs not covered by your medical insurance, such as transportation or child care. You can purchase an individual critical illness insurance policy or many employers offer this type of benefit as a group option.

High health-care costs and lost income due to a serious illness can quickly wipe out your savings and create an insurmountable mountain of debt. With medical deductibles on the rise, it’s easy to see why people are finding themselves in financial devastation even with a good health insurance plan. With the low monthly premiums of these plans, it’s an affordable add-on to your existing coverage. You can also use the lump sum to cover non-medical expenses, like transportation, mortgage payments and groceries. The options are truly endless.

It’s a peace of mind

Often, when someone suffers from a critical illness, the family has to dip into savings meant for a child’s education or retirement to pay for the treatment costs. A critical illness policy can free up funds to help in these times and prevent a financial crisis.

A CII plan pays a lump sum up to the policy’s coverage limit to help offset health care expenses. The money can be used for anything — including paying your health insurance deductible or copayments, or covering other bills such as mortgage payments or groceries.

In addition to being a financial safety net, a critical illness policy can also provide peace of mind and ease the stress caused by a serious diagnosis. It can even be used to help fund a career change or educational opportunities once you’re healed. This is why more and more employers are offering this supplemental benefit to their employees. And the good news is that these plans are generally affordable, whether obtained through an employer or individually.

It’s a financial planning tool

In a time where wage growth is not the best and interest rates are low, many professionals don’t have the savings to cope should they become critically ill. With critical illness insurance, they can rest easy knowing that their debts won’t go unpaid.

Unlike disability income insurance, which only provides a percentage of your salary until you return to work, critical illness insurance offers a lump sum payout. It’s the ideal safety net for those who can’t rely on their savings and don’t qualify for disability coverage.

You can purchase a critical illness plan as an add-on to your existing health insurance or as part of a group policy from your employer. These plans are usually affordable and offer a good balance between premium and benefits. This type of supplemental coverage can be especially useful for those who have high out-of-pocket health insurance deductibles and copayments. It can help cover additional expenses like groceries, childcare and mortgage payments.

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