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Introducing the GAN 356 3×3 Magnetic Cube

by Yasir Asif

The GAN 356 magnetic 3×3 speedcube meets all of the needs of speedcubers, featuring a plastic core, new GES design and visible magnets at an attractive mid-range price point.

Speedcubes must be stable to avoid pops and corner twists that interfere with algorithm execution, as well as provide effective corner cutting capabilities and provide a pleasant playing experience.

1. It’s a Game-Changer

Speedcubers seeking to reach higher levels of competition recognize the value in possessing high-quality cubes, especially smooth turning ones. A smooth cube helps improve algorithm performance as it reduces effort required to turn layers.

One important consideration in corner cutting performance is how well the cube works for cornering. A poorly designed cube may cause catches and overshooting which will slow down solving time; modern speed cubes have now been designed with special inner core designs to prevent this problem from occurring, including pieces realigning themselves even after popping out or being knocked off accidentally.

The GAN 356 is the first factory magnetised modern 3×3 speed cube that unifies all these characteristics into one package, providing a smooth, fast and stable cube that can compete with the best on the market. Furthermore, its revolutionary GAN Magnet System (GMS) with interchangeable magnet capsules allows users to swap out different magnet forces.

If you want to take your speedsolving to the next level, this cube should definitely be on your shortlist. Available now from TheCubicle – one of the largest US puzzle shops run by real speedcubers – this product guarantees quality.

2. It’s a Game-Improver

GAN’s 3×3 Magnetic cube has been engineered to meet the exacting standards of experienced solvers. Featuring an exclusive dual hand-adjustable Numerical IPG core and extra spare GES spring options, you will quickly notice an improvement in hand speed with its adjustable features.

Speedcubers understand the importance of having good control of their puzzle to have an enjoyable solving experience. A major determining factor for this control is friction between layers; turning faster allows less friction, leading to faster algorithm execution; however, turning too quickly could cause it to overshoot while performing algorithms.

GAN has developed their patented Magnet System/GMS to provide a solution. Simply by swapping out magnetic capsules within your cube, this allows you to alter its magnet force, reducing friction between pieces while improving your ability to position them during a solve.

GAN 356 M comes equipped with an innovative form of lubrication that claims to offer more control and accuracy when programming algorithms. However, it should be noted that adding any lube should only occur after breaking in has taken place – this way pieces will have time to settle, making it easier to assess when tension adjustments or additional lube are required.

3. It’s a Game-Setter

GAN’s 356 Air M is an affordable 3×3 cube designed by their modernization team and featuring plastic core, new GES design, visible magnets, and much more – making this cube the ideal way for speedcubers looking to test out magnetic cubing without spending an exorbitant sum of money on equipment.

Cubes optimized for speed feature minimal friction between layers, giving a fluid feel when turning, giving users more control of the puzzle and precise algorithm execution. Unfortunately, due to its rapid turning speeds they may become uncontrollable for beginners.

The GAN 356 M employs an innovative internal mechanism to address this problem by employing patented magnet grooves and Magnet Capsules that secure center pieces securely in their place. You can adjust their magnetic force by replacing old caps with new ones, so you can fine-tune your cube to suit your personal preferences.

Note that it is best to wait until your cube has fully broken in and its layers are smooth before adjusting it; otherwise you risk breaking it! Tensions hold together the layers, so changing them could bring them closer or further apart, which in turn could impact how quickly you solve it. To find what tension works best for you, experiment with various tension settings until one feels right!

4. It’s a Game-Closer

Size and weight have an immense effect on how a speedcuber feels while solving. To maximize control without becoming too heavy or light, the ideal speedcubes should have medium weight distribution that allows maximum control without being either too light or heavy.

Spring tension plays an integral part of a cube’s performance and feel, impacting how easy or hard it is to turn, as well as creating friction between layers. Speed cubes have lower spring tensions than regular cubes for increased speed – creating an effortless rotation feel with reduced effort to turn.

GAN’s revolutionary GES (Gan Elasticity System) technology enables its speed cubes to be customized precisely with different levels of spring tension, thanks to a dual adjustment system and varied spring options available from GAN. You can select between green, blue or yellow tension settings depending on your preference.

GAN’s 356 M is an exquisite premium cube that provides high-quality plastic core with visible magnets, an improved Numerical IPG design and an innovative dual adjustment system that allows tension and compression tuning by hand! A modern GAN cube at an economical price point.

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