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How to Use the Discord Server Finder

by Yasir Asif

Discord provides access to many communities that will cater to your interests – everything from gaming and memes, to anime and more! There’s sure to be one out there that strikes a cord with you.

To find a server, tap the green compass icon at the left of your screen and choose “Explore Public Servers.” From here you can search for your preferred community.

What is Discord?

Discord enables gamers to communicate privately through text, video calls or voice chats, as well as forming communities centered on specific interests – known as servers – which can range in size and function on either an invitation-only basis or openly to all members.

Most servers offer text and voice channels that can be divided up according to various topics, from fan bases of TV shows or sports teams, to building model planes communities. Discord offers teenage gamers a way to connect with people who share similar interests and hobbies.

If you are interested in joining a server, ask its owner for an invite link or use the Browse feature on the homepage to browse servers by category before choosing one to join. From there you can navigate and join its channels as you please.

How to Use Discord Server Finder

Discord servers can be found through various means. Social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit often host communities organized around specific interests. Influencers, bloggers, or youtubers may also maintain their own discord server that they invite others to join.

Alternately, you could use a Discord server finder website to help discover community servers based on your interests. Just type in keywords such as gaming, movies or anime and you should see a list of public servers which you can join.

Once you find a server of interest to you, tap to expand and read its description and user review rating as well as viewing how many online users it currently has. When ready to join simply tap “Join Server”, and a screen will pop up requesting either your Discord username and password or an invitation link from them.

How to Find a Server on Discord

Discord’s homepage presents you with several popular servers. Clicking any one will reveal its name and description; if one appeals to you, press “Join This Server” to join.

Discord’s search tool makes searching even simpler: simply enter keywords related to your interests, and it will show a list of relevant communities. By clicking one, you can expand it further and learn more about its features such as price, method, events, benefits or social media links.

Sometimes people can also discover Discord servers through popular websites, blogs, or forums. These servers may be run by influential bloggers or YouTubers in your niche who provide an invite link on their websites or social media accounts; you can then read reviews for that community to gain more insight. Once you find one that matches your interests you can chat away with fellow members!

How to Join a Server on Discord

If someone has invited you to their Discord server, connecting is simple by following their invite link – either found within Direct Messages in Discord, or visiting its homepage.

Discord provides access to a range of servers for gaming and social media use. You can browse the available servers by either selecting one of the categories on its homepage, or searching for specific server names.

The Discord app offers more options than its desktop version of the program and you can use the Discord server finder to easily find new servers to join. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS devices alike. To connect directly with one without an app on any of your devices, navigate directly to Discord Servers website in your browser and sign into your account credentials – then visit their homepage where a selection of community listings are displayed and join according to your interest.

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