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How to get Instagram followers with other users

by Uneeb Khan
increase followers on instagram

Three types of Instagram users can help you to increase more followers on instagram: influencers, your customers and followers, and your competitors. Let’s explore. get more followers on instagram: superviral

Go all in on influencer marketing

We all know that getting mentioned by an influencer can win you a score of followers, but this doesn’t happen overnight. Influencer marketing is a careful strategy. You’ll want to:

Research. Curate a list of influencers who would be the most realistic to reach out to and the most relevant to your following.

Be genuine. Choose one and thoroughly get to know them for a week or two. Turn on notifications for their posts, explore their content elsewhere on the web, and engage with their account. Take your time and build interest in them—not their followers. Then, when you reach out, your ask can be more appealing and your chances of an ongoing relationship are higher.

Encourage user-generated content

As good as a business may be, its promotional content will never be as powerful as that of its customers. Enter user-generated content—posts from other users that tag your handle and/or location or mention your business name in the captions or hashtags.

how to get more followers on Instagram – example of user-generated content

Whether a user sees UGC on your account or someone else’s your credibility gets a lift and your chances of gaining their following are that much higher. Here’s how to encourage more of it:

  • Come up with a fun-to-use branded hashtag as mentioned above.
  • Make your location Instagram-friendly with a fun photo opp.
  • Engage with and repost user-generated content (seven different ways to repost on Instagram here).
  • Run contests where entrants post a picture of them using your product or service.

Analyze your competitors

Got a rival that you just can’t seem to catch up to? Do a little social media competitive analysis and find out what they post, how often, when, and in which formats. Follow them closely for a week so you can catch any nuanced strategies they employ. You just might get ideas on what, how, and the best time to post on Instagram to get more followers.

Tools to help you get more Instagram followers

So by now, you know that to get more followers on Instagram, you need to know your audience, engage with them, and create compelling content. The thing is, you’re probably managing more than one social media account for your business, and the more followers you get, the harder it can be to scale your strategy. Here are some free tools that can help you.

Social media management tools

It might feel like automation is the opposite of genuine engagement, but social media management tools are designed to help you streamline your personalized strategy. With them, you can stay on top of conversations, post consistently through scheduling, monitor your competitors, and sometimes get deeper insights than what the native platform offers.

Design and photo editing tools

Instagram offers its own set of filters, stickers, stamps, and special effects so your visuals can look their best, but external design and editing tools can help you achieve the unique look you want. Plus, you can templatize things to ensure consistency and make more great content efficiently. My number one recommendation here is Canva, but there are other free tools out there like Afterlight and Facetune.

Instagram advertising

This is the only paid strategy for this post. Organic reach on Instagram has always been considered high. But don’t get too excited, we’re talking 9%. Meaning that your posts will only reach 9% of your full following. get more followers on instagram: click here

how to get more followers on Instagram – organic reach

Advertising, on the other hand, gives you the power to get in front of thousands of relevant users. And in addition to your ad’s CTA button, viewers can also view your bio right from your ad. Now, you shouldn’t advertise just to get more followers, but if the platform is right for you, it’s a bonus.

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