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How to Decorate with Cushions?

by Uneeb Khan
How to Decorate with Cushions?

One of the most economical methods to update your living area is with cushions. They can completely alter the ambiance of your space and are a fantastic way to add color, texture, and intrigue. Therefore, choosing a cushion cover after much thought is a dilemma we completely understand! We’ve mentioned some guidelines as soft furnishings experts to assist you in selecting the ideal pillows for your living area.

Let’s start with your couch, are you using a more subdued palette (solid colors, black, or patterns) or neutral colors (creams, beiges, whites, and greys)? Your choice of pillows to accentuate your sofa and family room will be based on this.


It’s no secret that we love patterns; look at cushion coverings to confirm this. We adore patterns and designs because we believe they give a room life and add intrigue and interest to your couch or bed.

By combining various colors and textures in a way that complements our color scheme yet offers just enough contrast to stand out, we like to use our lovely cushions to tell a narrative. Keep in mind that cushions aren’t just for sofas! The same guidelines can be used to arrange pillows on your bed or other pieces of furniture (bench seats, armchairs).

Couches in bolder palettes

We salute your courage! We adore a striking couch. With a statement sofa, you have two options: match it back with cushions in a solid color or turn up the eclecticism with contrasting materials and patterns.

When done effectively, a combination of patterns and forms set off by a striking background may look incredibly chic and make a great fashion statement.

Couches in neutral tones

If you’ve selected a sofa in a neutral color, your possibilities are essentially unlimited! Depending on your preferences, you may use blues and whites to create a classy coastal or Hamptons look.

Do you desire a cozier, more textured atmosphere, perhaps with earthier tones? Then velvet or faux fur cushions are a great way to add texture and tone. By combining and contrasting pillows of various shapes to create the ideal cushion arrangement, a more lively and eclectic effect can be achieved.

Mix Up Various Cushions for a Unique Look

It’s time to start mixing and matching cushions now that we’ve covered the essential characteristics of each kind above! To provide visual interest, mix pillows in solid colors with those in textures or patterns.

Your couch’s size will determine how many pillows you need! But generally, try to use odd numbers (3 – 5 cushions for a smaller couch, more for a larger one). It can be challenging to choose the correct pillows for your color scheme, but try to follow this rule:

  • One accent color
  • Different contrasting textures or patterns
  • One base color (a different design or texture)

Play with various textures.

It’s unnecessary for texture to be shabby or have a chunky weave. It can be undetectable, like a slight embroidered accent or plush velvet pillows. You can opt for sparkles or silk finishes if you desire glitz. You get to decide, and what a fantastic way to try something new!

Choosing your cushion’s Shape and Size

The size and shape of your cushions are equally important when styling pillows, even though we often think about color and material first. Throw pillows are best made from oversized cushions (above 60 cm).

When putting cushions on your sofa, they offer a basis in complimentary colors. Given their size, they could be too much for a two-seater sofa (especially if you want to pile more cushions), but they look great on bigger-seater sofas.

Cushion staples that are typically 45 cm or 50 cm square are cushions. They are a great way to add texture, patterns, and other features to your area. They also make excellent scatter pillows.

 The small rectangular cushion, sometimes known as a lumbar or breakfast cushion, is a lovely finishing touch. Displaying these pillows in odd numbers is preferred (just one cushion for smaller couches or 3 for larger ones). Using them to arrange pillows on your couch adds visual interest because of their slightly smaller size.

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