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How to Condition Your Pet Dog to Love Your Cat

by Faisal Sheikh
How to Condition Your Pet Dog to Love Your Cat

In multi-pet households, it is not uncommon for fur babies to not get along. Even while this behavior can be expected from furry pets, it should be a cause of concern when some of them tip towards aggressive behavior.

Sometimes dogs get pretty annoyed with cats, as the feline boss might just not allow the dog to have its way. Cat and dog fights can be the new normal if you don’t work towards nipping the issue in the bud. Accidental injuries, scratches, bites, falls, breaking bones, and much more can happen without timely intervention.

And remember that not all fights can be resolved, and sometimes when they occur, you might not be around to make things worse for you and the inhouse pets. Consider being prepared with pet insurance NZ, so you have a medical financial backup to manage the consequences of such events and many more.

Consider leaning on the best pet insurance so your fur babies are comprehensively covered, and the financial implications are less significant. In the meantime, read this article to learn how to desensitize your dog toward the cat.

How to desensitize your dog?

The desensitization process requires time, patience, and consistent efforts. The main principle of this technique is to expose your puppy to the cat for brief periods several times a day over some weeks until your canine becomes the fur person you want it to be. Follow the steps mentioned below to accomplish this goal.

  1. Put your puppy on a durable leash and ensure that the dog collar fits well and doesn’t choke it in the neck. Pay attention to the leash’s length, as you don’t want to lose control over your fur companion during the session.
  2. Separate your canine and feline pet by confining them to different rooms. Offer your kitty cat a small portion of wet food so it stays engaged in the same room. Add some toys, a cat tree, a comfy cat bed, and other things that endear your furball to the room.
  3. Now, it is the perfect time to bring your pet pup to the room where your cat resides. You should stay calm and take baby steps towards the room, so your dog stays in this mode too.
  4. As soon as your puppy sees your munchkin, take a few steps backward while maintaining peace on your face so your canine pet reflects the same emotion.
  5. Walk back towards the living room, so your puppy follows you away from the cat. This way, you can redirect your pupper attention.
  6. Don’t give any commands; you will be surprised to see how your puppy takes your cues even without the help of verbal commands.
  7. Repeat these steps in a loop for a couple of days until your puppy overcomes the negative feelings it has for your munchkin.
  8. As with any other training session, offer your canine furry baby tiny treats every time it reacts positively when exposed to the cat.

However, if your dog is not in the mood for a desensitization lesson or is too excited about getting started, then take a break and resume classes only when things are restored to normalcy. You don’t want to join your cat and dog’s fight, do you?

At the same time, consider having a medical backup for your pets in terms of pet insurance in NZ because fur babies are unpredictable and can get into inconceivable troubles. Consider buying the best pet insurance for all your furry little friends, so no pet goes without medical help during testing times of health.

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