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How To Choose Wireless Charging for Your Phone and Other Gadgets?

by Faisal Sheikh
Wireless Charging

A stylish gadget that eliminates unnecessary wires – wireless charging. Almost all new phones support the technology, but even older smartphones can be connected to a wireless charger.

Wireless charging – what is it?

Wireless charging technology is simple. 

• The charging station is a source of energy. To work, it is connected to the network. 

• Inside the station there is a copper magnetic coil through which current passes.

• This creates an electromagnetic field around the charging pad. It is small, but sufficient for a smartphone or other gadgets. 

• As soon as you put the phone on the charging pad, it will be affected by the field. 

• To convert electromagnetic energy into electrical energy, you need a receiver coil – it is in the phone. 

• Goal achieved: device battery is charging. 

Coils with a diameter of several centimeters are enough to charge the phone. If the coil is large or there are several of them, then even large laptop batteries can be charged.

Of the minuses: classic charging charges faster. Wireless stations have losses – these are the costs of induction technology. Another feature is that in order for charging to start, the phone must be placed strictly on the charging pad. There isalso alternative option of getting wall plugs with usb, when are not comfortable with charging pads.

Which smartphones are suitable for induction charging

All major concerns (Samsung, Apple, Nokia and others) have already integrated this feature into their models. To check if your smartphone supports wireless charging, refer to the instructions. But the newer the phone, the more likely it is to have this feature. 

And if not, the option can be added manually. To do this, they use a Qi-receiver – a plate one and a half millimeters thick with an adapter that needs to be plugged into the smartphone’s charging connector. The plate is hidden under the cover or glued to the back panel. Such a simple upgrade will allow you to use wireless charging technology.

Types of wireless charging stations

• Desktop. Compact station-stands, easy to place even in a small area. To charge your smartphone, simply place it on the work platform of the station. 

• Embedded. Easily built into tables, sofas and bar counters. There are open and hidden installations. They are often installed at airports, cafes, offices. 

• Powerbanks. Portable external batteries are equipped with the popular Qi standard for charging smartphones, wireless headphones, speakers. The convenience of a power bank with wireless charging is obvious – a compact device can be taken with you. The main thing is that the battery itself is charged. 
The larger the capacity of such a device, the more wireless charges it will last. One of the fundamental conditions for charging with such a power bank is that the smartphone should be as close as possible to it. 

• Automotive. In fact, this is a phone holder with wireless charging function. Attaches to fan grille, glass or dashboard mounted. Holds and charges your smartphone, making it easy to receive calls on the go. The charger itself is often connected to the cigarette lighter in the car, in new car models it is included in the standard equipment (depending on the configuration).

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