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How to Build Your Resume for A Career in Public Policy

by Uneeb Khan

Many people want to have a successful career in public policy. However, many of them do not know where to start or how to build your resume to catch the eye of recruiters. One way to begin your journey is by taking a public policy innovation online certificate course. This course will give you a head start in one of the most fulfilling careers today. If you are wondering how to build yourself up for a career in public office. Read on for some steps and strategies to consider.

Analyse your skills, strengths, and potential roles

The first step is analysing your skills and identifying the job you enjoy doing the most. This way, you will clarify the roles you can pursue in public policy. You might want to consider roles that include data analyst, community organiser, policy associate, research assistant, and lobbyist. You can work with a career coach who will help with a self-assessment, and help you identify your top skills. In doing so, you can become comfortable communicating with them. You can also go through the various job descriptions for the different roles in public policy innovation and identify the roles that interest you.

Educate yourself on public policy

To have a successful career in public policy, you will need to take a course in public policy. Learn about the relevant terminologies like statutes vs regulations, the structure of relevant topics and jurisdiction, and the different processes, including policy-making and budgeting. Educate yourself on the fundamental governing laws and proposed laws. Once you educate yourself on vital areas in public policy, you will become a valuable candidate in an organisation, building your strength as a candidate.

Understand the different sectors in public policies and gain experience

The five sectors are public, private, non-governmental, value-driven, and non-profit. All these sectors present different opportunities to work in public policy. Every industry has other job descriptions for jobs in public policy. You do not always have to secure a job to gain relevant experience. You can volunteer in different policy campaigns to get the required experience.

Build relationships -networking

Once you learn all you can about innovations and public policy, it is time to list all the organisations you might be interested in working in. You will first need to identify the organisation’s target market. This can be the state or general area you want to work in. Second, you will need to do in-depth research on these organisations and the key players in the organisations. You will need to learn about their staff, board members, funders, and partner organisations.

Afterward, you will need to start forming connections with some key players by connecting to their social media, subscribing to their email lists, and reading content on their websites. This way, you will learn about the organisation you want to work in as much as possible.

Before you enter public policy, make sure you learn as much as possible about the sector, including the relevant terminologies, the process, and the structures of the relevant topic and jurisdictions. One of the best ways to do so is to take an online public policy course.

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