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How often is Hot Water Service Needed?

by Uneeb Khan
Hot Water Service

Hot water systems require routine maintenance to maintain trouble-free and uninterrupted operation, just like any other appliance or vehicle. Know about how often hot water service is needed for various systems.

How frequently should you have your hot water system serviced? 

Different hot water system types require various levels of maintenance. A trained plumber or gasfitter should service your water heater as often as indicated below:

  • Gas system: 3 Years Maximum
  • Electric system – 3 Years Maximum
  • Solar & Heat Pump system: 4-Years Maximum
  • Continuous Flow/Instant system: 3 Years Maximum

The aforementioned hot water service schedule is only intended to serve as a guide, with the manufacturer’s specifications being the best source of additional information.

Why service your hot water system? 

It’s possible that living in an area with a high mineral concentration will have a negative impact on your home’s heating system for hot water. The presence of water results in corrosion and rust buildups, which lead to the failure of:

  • Relief valves,
  • Anodes,
  • Pressure limiting valves,
  • Tempering valves,
  • Isolation non-return valves,
  • Thermostats,
  • Thermocouples, and

A sacrificial anode, which is a metal rod made of aluminum or magnesium and coated with zinc, is crucial to the longevity of the storage tank. The anode, which is located inside your hot water tank, is responsible for drawing pollutants and minerals out of the water. This can cause rusting and/or other damage, which could eventually lead to the tank rupturing.

Hot Water Service

Hot Water Service

The pressure in the tank must be released through the relief valve when a storage hot water system is heating because the water expands and turns to steam. The PTR (Pressure Temperature Relief Valve) and ECV are the two relief valves that can be found in storage hot water systems, including solar systems (Expansion Control Valve).

What are Some Typical Hot Water System Service Issues? 

Here are a few typical issues that need the hot water service:

  • Water leak: Immediately turn off the water supply and call a plumber if water is dripping or gushing from the hot water system.
  • Cold hot – A circuit breaker issue with your hot water system could be the cause of this. If the hot water breaker has tripped, check your fuse box and turn it back on. Waiting for some time will allow it to warm up properly, so don’t rush things. If your hot water heater runs on gas, you might only need to replace the gas bottle or contact your gas supplier / hot water service
  • Too hot water – If this is the case, try adjusting the temperature dial on the front of the hot water system service, waiting an hour, and then rechecking the temperature at the tap. If this has no effect at all on the temperature, there is an issue and you should get a hot water service plumber to look into it.
  • No water at all – Make sure there is no supply issue by checking the cold water as well. If the issue is localized to the hot water system and there is no flow. Look for an isolation valve in the vicinity of the system. You will not find one in every installation, but keep an eye out. For a red or yellow handle close to the water intake. That may be all you need to do if it has been turned off.
  • Odd noises coming from the system – Strange noises coming from your hot water system can simply be the result of metal parts expanding and contracting. By draining the tank to remove buildup, a plumber can help your hot water system last longer. Boiling noises might be a sign of severe pressure and overheating. In this situation, contact an emergency plumber right away.


A costly error, failing to have your system serviced can significantly shorten the life of your water heater. Hot water service may guarantee that your unit is operating efficiently, lowering your gas or electricity expenses, as well as preventing your tank from prematurely rupturing.

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