Home Games Hay Day Cheats: Top 10 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Hay Day Cheats: Top 10 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

by Uneeb Khan
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Hay Day Cheats: Top 10 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Hay Day Cheats: Top 10 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

  • Get Those Diamonds!

Despite the fact that Coins are utilized as in-game money, Diamonds are the type of cash Hay Day players esteem the most. You can pay for Diamonds with genuine cash, however you can likewise get them in alternate ways.

For instance, you get one Diamond for following Hay Day on Facebook, while signing in to Facebook utilizing Hay Day gets you 5 Diamonds.

Secret boxes, accomplishments, and rivalries coordinated by Supercell on their Facebook page will likewise get you this valuable asset.

At last, when you arrive at Level 24, you can likewise dig for Diamonds.

  • Get Extra Coins by Selling Goodies

At the point when you can, buy development gear like explosive in mass. Then, sell every one of these things you’ve recently bought for 180 to 220 coins. This is a fast method for getting a few additional coins at whatever point you need them.

Additionally, promote the last thing you’re selling. At the point when individuals visit your in-game store, the promotion will make the things you’re all selling public.

  • Continuously Keep an Eye on Your Animals and Crops

You’ll need to keep the harmony among Animals and Crops on your homestead. Creatures need to be taken care of, yet you’ll likewise need to utilize a portion of that feed to make things for the market.

Whenever you’ve made an Animal Pen, you need to tap on the till symbol and then, at that point, drop the Animal you need into its lodging region. Remember to take care of it, too!

  • Use Diamonds to Speed up Production

As you progress through the game, you’ll find that things begin to move a piece gradually. If you have any desire to speed things up and progress faster, you can constantly utilize your Diamonds!

  • Search for Building Materials

Storage spaces can be moved up to Barns and Silos utilizing Building Materials. You can find those Building Materials when you’re on the field with your Animals, as well as in the Mystery Boxes which continuing to spring up in the game.

  • Search for Freebies

Purchase wheat until your storehouse is full, plant half of it and then, at that point, turn your gadget upstanding and shake it while chopping down wheat. It’s a simple method for getting a few things for nothing.

  • Get rid of Mature Crops

When your harvests have developed, you will not get additional advantages from the patches they’re established on, so it’s ideal to simply get rid of them. Tap on the field and utilize your sickle to do that, then drop a few new yields to begin the cycle all once more.

  • Crops Which Grow Slower Are Very Valuable!

You could see that yields like Tomatoes will more often than not grow significantly more slow. Your understanding will be very much compensated, in any case, on the grounds that the more extended something takes to develop, the more important it is!

  • Be Careful Where You Make Space

Use scoops, tomahawks, saws, explosive and TNT to eliminate deterrents like trees, stones, or pools, or hold on until you get the little child to purchase those things for you. Remember that space on your grassland isn’t quite so significant as space in your Barn or Silo.

For these you need to gather things which incidentally show up while reaping; in the event that you sell these things, consistently sell them at the greatest expense you can get for them.

  • What’s With All the Cats and Dogs?

Players can get Cats and Dogs utilizing vouchers, which they get from finishing Boat and Truck orders, reaping Crops, or from Treasure Boxes.

You should initially get a Cat or Dog House, and then, at that point, consistently feed your new pets, with milk for Cats and bacon for Dogs.

Each time you do this, you get 30 xp. Notwithstanding the experience focuses, the Cats and Dogs fill a for the most part embellishing need, so you choose if the venture is worth the effort or not.

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