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Gojek Clone Script: Top 5 Advantages For Your Business

by Uneeb Khan
gojek clone script

Have you decided to purchase the Gojek Clone script and launch the best on-demand multi-service app on earth? If yes, then it is time to launch the on-demand app solution. But if you are still stuck with the thought of whether it would be a good idea to launch the app or buy the app script, then we have brought you the perfect list of advantages of a clone app script for your business. 

Take a look at these advantages that will help you make a final decision without hesitating. 

gojek clone script

Advantages of Purchasing a Gojek Clone App Script 

Purchasing the clone app script is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. How? Because the solution offers you numerous benefits. 

1. It is budget-friendly  

The clone app script is budget-friendly and saves you a whole lot of money! Comparing the cost of developing a multi-service app like Gojek from scratch and purchasing the pre-built solution, the latter is inexpensive. 

When developing the app from scratch, entrepreneurs need to splurge $250,000. On top of that other outgoing costs can also hamper the budget. However, when you are purchasing the  Gojek Clone Script, the amount reduces to a four-digit investment cost. In short, entrepreneurs need a quarter to a million dollars for the development of an on-demand app solution. 

2. It is a real time-saver 

Besides the budget, entrepreneurs are also worried about time. When you are working in an environment where every minute a new app is launched, you have to work with a time constraint. 

Therefore, to tackle this problem, you have pre-built apps like Gojek. With this ready-made solution, you can launch a fully-fledged app in just 1 to 2 weeks. On the other hand, if you wish to develop the app from scratch, it can take 7 to 8 years. 

The choice is yours. Make your choice carefully. 

3. It is made with the latest technology stack 

Take a look at the technology stack of the Gojek Clone script while purchasing it. A robust technology stack will always give you better performance, results, and user-friendly applications. Here is the stack used to develop our clone app script. 

  • Web: HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap 
  • Server technologies: PHP, Node.Js, Socket Cluster 
  • Native iOS: Object-C, Swift 
  • Native Android: Java, NDK, Kotlin 
  • Database: MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB
  • Cloud: Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS

4. It is pre-integrated with all the latest features 

The clone app script pre-integrates all the latest features. The advantage of having pre-integrated features is that you don’t have to customize the features in the applications. All the latest features come pre-integrated into the application thus, you only need to pick which ones to activate. For instance, these are some of the most loved features of the Gojek Clone script: 

  • In-app push notifications 
  • Ride cancellation 
  • Safety ratings & review
  • Login with biometric authentication 
  • OTP verification to begin the task 
  • Multiple credit card system 
  • Video calling with the taxi/delivery driver 

5. It pre-integrates 82+ on-demand services 

On-demand services mean that service booking is available on the go! With this app, the services available on-demand is from the following seven categories: 

  • Online video consultation 
  • Online taxi booking service 
  • Bid for handyman services
  • On-demand delivery 
  • On-demand services at home 
  • Parcel delivery services 
  • Delivery Genie and Delivery Runner 

In Conclusion: 

Are you ready to purchase the Gojek Clone script and launch the on-demand multi-service app? Take the right step today and launch the app! 

Connect with the white-labeling firm’s sales representatives and discuss the app in-depth. Next, take the free demo app trial that they’ll offer to get extra sure that you’re investing in the right solution. Hurray! You are ready to launch the app for real. 
Start today.

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