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Getting a divorce in Huntsville: Hiring the right lawyer

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Getting a divorce in Huntsville Hiring the right lawyer

There are no two opinions on how hard divorces can be. If you fulfill the state residency requirements, filing for divorce in Huntsville doesn’t have to be complex. However, you shouldn’t take a step until you meet a legal expert. First, you must understand that a divorce is a legal process that has specific steps. Even when things are not as complex between you and your spouse, you may not know the legalese and end up making mistakes that can affect your life ahead. In this post, let’s discuss hiring a divorce lawyer Huntsville.

Start with the profile

You would not hire a cardiac surgeon for your knee surgery. The same is true for divorces. It would be best if you had someone who practices family law in Alabama and is located in the city. Ask around and check if you can get references from people. If not, look at legal websites and find listings for Huntsville.

Ask questions

You cannot discuss everything with an attorney over a call. You have to schedule a consultation, which doesn’t cost much and must ask questions like –

  1. Do you deal with both contested and uncontested divorces?
  2. Do you have experience with child custody and support issues?
  3. Can you help me with mediation?
  4. Can you take the divorce case to trial if necessary? Have you represented clients in court?
  5. Are you personally going to work for me? If not, can I meet your associate?
  6. How long have you been practicing in Huntsville? Can you share references?
  7. How can I communicate with you? How will your office give me updates?

Discuss the fee

Divorces can get expensive when a separating couple doesn’t agree to the decision or have other issues, such as child custody and alimony. Division of properties and assets could be another concern. Always ask about the lawyer’s fee in advance. If yours is an uncontested divorce, you may just pay a onetime fee, but for contested cases, an hourly rate is the usual norm. In a complex situation, you also have to pay a retainer fee.

Check ratings

What are other clients saying about a divorce lawyer? Online ratings, significantly independent posts on Google and social media, can be helpful for comparing local law firms in Huntsville. You should have confidence in the attorney and their team.

A competent divorce lawyer will take the time to listen to you and will offer information related to Alabama laws. They will also guide you on the dos and don’ts.

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