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Fujairah Trip Best Places to Visit During Fujairah Adventure

by Uneeb Khan
Fujairah Trip

Do you want to leave Dubai? In the emirate of Fujairah, we had a great time. Due to the two cities’ proximity, the Fujairah trip doesn’t have to involve a long car ride or an expensive plane ticket. You only need a gassed-up car and good music to have a great time. Still, it’s a great place to start a trip across the United Arab Emirates by car.

During the Fujairah Trip, take Exit 47 off the Sharjah-Kalba Road/E102 if you’re coming from Dubai. When you get off at the exit, you’ll be on the Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Rd/E84, also called the Fujairah Rd/Maliha, which will take you straight to Fujairah.

But you can always depend on public transportation if you don’t have a car. Shuttle buses run between Dubai and Fujairah every day. They leave from the Union Square Bus Station in Deira. The Fujairah Bus leaves every hour, costing AED 30 per passenger. It will take about three hours to get from Dubai to Fujairah by bus.

From Dubai to Fujairah, a taxi will cost between AED 350 and AED 400. Read on to learn about all the great places and things to do in Fujairah. Remember that some might happen outside Fujairah since the city borders several other emirates.

The Fujairah Museum Has a Lot to Look At

During Fujairah Trip, don’t forget to go to its historical museum. The Fujairah Museum is just south of the Fujairah Fort. It has a great collection of early Bronze Age artifacts found during excavations at Qidfa and Bithnah. On display are things from the Bronze and Iron Ages, such as painted ceramics, carved soapstone pots, and silver coins from before Islam.

A bowl made from an ostrich egg found in Qidfa and dates back 2,200 years is one of the most loved things in the museum. The ethnographic exhibit is excellent because it shows things from traditional Emirati life and work.

Drive Through the Small Forts In Fujairah

In the east of the UAE, while on Fujairah Trip, there are a few forts that are great places to stop if you drive south from Fujairah. Al-Hayl Castle is 11 kilometers west of Fujairah City. It was once the home of the royal family of Fujairah. It was built about 250 years ago and has been an essential part of the defense of Fujairah ever since.

a single two-story tower still stands on top of the hill as a reminder of when these kinds of forts spread across the strategic hills of what is now the United Arab Emirates.

Take the more minor roads 30 km south of Al-Hayl to reach the town of Wahlah (also spelled Aouhlah). The firm, high walls of the Awhlah Fort (sometimes spelled Wahlah Fort) make it one of the emirate’s best examples of defense architecture.

It has kept its original look instead of being overly remodeled to look “fresh,” which makes it an excellent place for history buffs to visit and learn about the Emirati culture. The round tower is 20 meters tall and has small holes in the walls that are perfect for archers because of the tower’s high position.

Unwind In the Waters of Madhab Hot Springs

On Fujairah Trip, Madhab Springs Park is another attractive place on the city’s northwest edge. It is known for its hot springs and gets a lot of visitors every year. The warm sulfuric water from the nearby Ain al-Madhab springs pips into two pools (separated by gender).

Families in Fujairah often go on trips to the pools and the park next to them to do things like have picnics, play ball, and have cookouts. There is also a playground for kids that is safe and well taken care of. It’s not surprising that a lot of people go to Madhab Springs Park on the weekends. The mineral-rich water in this pool is great for soothing travel-related aches and pains.

Masafi Market with Low Prices

Masafi is a small town on the Fujairah Trip about 33 kilometers northwest of Fujairah. Its location is at a major intersection where highways going north to Dibba and west to Dubai meet. Before the roads in the area build in the 1970s, it was a trading post and a place to get gas.

The bigger part of Masafi is in Fujairah, and the smaller part is in Ras al-Khaimah, which is right next to it. The United Arab Emirates town of Masafi is known for its many natural springs. The largest mineral water producer in the Gulf is also in the area and uses the town’s name. At the city’s famous market, people from inside and outside the city go to the booths that line the main Dubai-Fujairah Road on the edge of town.

 For More: https://www.dubaidesertsafarigroup.com/things-to-do-in-fujairah/

Enjoy Fujairah’s Bull-Butting Extravaganza!

People say that the Portuguese brought bull-butting as a sport to this part of the Arabian Peninsula. This tradition is still alive and well in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, but nowhere else. In Fujairah, people often go bull butting. The event occurs every Friday night from October to March in a field on the city’s coastline route.

During Fujairah Trip enjoys the Bull Butting event when twenty bulls start the event by charging at each other and shoving until one of them gives up. As the best players get better, the other players lose ground. The winner will get nothing more than the value of their bull.

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