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Frost Law: Everything You Need To Know About

by Uneeb Khan

Some areas in the world are very vivid in temperature. They suddenly see the temperature rise after a cold winter season. These temperature fluctuations affect the environment harshly. For example, a highway-road belt becomes moist due to the moisture trapped in it, and on the rise of temperature they pop out as vapors. These conditions are not suitable for heavy equipment traders and heavy equipment moving companies. To avoid any accident in these conditions, state governments set some laws like a frost law.

What is a Frost Law?

Frost laws are specifically for areas having varied weather conditions. This law actually, protects trucking companies from road accidents. It generally states the restriction and regulation on seasonal weight lifting capacity for a heavy equipment trader and hauling company. The government usually has rules to follow about carrying the loads on the road for the hauling companies. They set limitations on the amount of load that you can carry on the road. 

A frost law is similar to that but it has some more restrictions for specific weather and season. It is because the region is not suitable for the same weight hauling throughout the year so they dictate to the companies through a law. A frost law states how much load a heavy equipment trader can carry on the road during a specific time of year.

Know about your state’s frost law

Frost law is not the same for all states. Every state set some limitations according to its road and weather conditions. It is important for equipment hauling companies to read and understand their state’s frost law before carrying loads. 

Sometimes, the companies need to ship the equipment outside of their state or even the cross border. In both cases, the company should know about the frost law of drop-off location. According to the law carry the load at that time. usually, the load limitations are same for the March, April, and May. 

Know about the oversized load restrictions

It is very common the hauling companies to carry the oversized load to other states. In this case, they need to understand the restrictions and limitations on it. The oversized load is more challenging to deliver as they are huge in size and can hit more severe accidents. The Frost law also provides a protection clause in this case. All you need to read and understand every clause of the law to better know about it. If your shipment does not fulfill the limitations, then you should wait for the end of restrictions or need to see what precautions could work in this instance. If you are a construction company and need equipment to be delivered to your fleet then always look for experienced and professional companies for the job. 

The Bottom Line

The frost law is regulated for some specific regions in the world where the temperature is harsher. The law states the limitations and restrictions for the weight-carrying capacity at a specific time of the year. The sudden change in the temperature causes unusual disturbances in road conditions. Every state has its frost law varied from the others based on the climatic condition. In this article, you may know about the things you should know about the frost law. Being a heavy equipment hauling company or heavy equipment trader you need to understand these laws before taking the route for equipment shipment.

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