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Filmora X review

by Uneeb Khan


Its iMovie as well as Adobe Premiere Elements are perhaps the most popular options for beginners looking for the most effective Video editing program However, Wondershare Filmora can be worthy of consideration. As soon as you launch its interface, which is instantly more appealing in comparison to Premiere Elements You can be impressed by Wondershare’s strategy that encourages creativity without needing the expertise of.

The features it offers have been in comparison to other applications however its 10th edition, Filmora X, was launched in October of 2020 and included some significant enhancements that users have been begging for such as Motion tracking, keyframing audio matching and color ducking. Then, in our Filmora X review, we look at these new features and help you determine which application for your needs.

Filmora Motion Tracking

One of the most exciting new feature that’s been added to Filmora X is motion tracking. To track an element in a video, simply turn on the tracking feature in the effects panel, then drag a box around the element, and then activate the tracker. It is then possible to connect this tracker with any other media that is aligned to the clip’s timeline.More

Filmora X: Keyframing

Each video clip on the timeline comes with a brand new animation panel that you can include keyframes. Keyframes are shown as green dots on the timeline clip and have buttons to move between the previous or next keyframe. You can alter the position and scale, as well as the rotation and opacity of the video for each keyframe. Filmora will adjust all frames between them to produce smooth animation.

It’s possible to make a static image more engaging by zooming in on it, making your own fun and exciting transitions as well as animated graphics and captions and much more. Similar to keyframing, the motion tracking is easy but efficient. But, keyframing isn’t without its limits. It’s unfortunate that you can’t but keyframe other effects in video as well as audio level. You can’t also apply keyframing to videos which already feature motion tracking and in reverse.

Filmora X: Color correction

There’s an abundance of pre-set color filters however, if you’re looking to get more precise color control these tools are basic. Every clip comes with an option for color, from which you can tweak sliders for brightness, contrast as well as color temperature or let the program automatically adjust the color and white balance. In testing, we weren’t thrilled by the choices the auto tools made. There aren’t any distinct RGB sliders that competitors like Premiere Elements have.

An important new feature available in Filmora X is the ability to color match. Select a video in your timeline and then, by using a split-screen comparison view, select another one to compare it to. The first clip is resized to match the same color scheme as the second. While the final results might require some tweaking, this method is quite effective and an efficient method of getting an identical look across many clips.greatcall.com/activate

Filmora X: Audio tools

For any audio file You can change the volume of the entire track, add fades that fade in or out or out, apply different EQ settings, change the pitch, then apply the denoiser. As with colors, these can be useful instruments, however they will be too basic for a lot of users. It would be helpful to manually alter the EQ, as an instance.

The latest feature features in Filmora X is audio ducking that reduces audio volume for other videos that are aligned to the selected video. Therefore, if you have a track of music across your project, but only certain videos have speech it is possible to apply the ducking feature to these clips , and the music volume will decrease so the voice can be heard. It’s a simple and efficient tool, especially in videos that incorporate music montage and speech to camera. Again additional manual adjustment options are welcome.

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