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Employee Intranet Solution Portals enhance HR efficiency

by Uneeb Khan

What is the Corporate intranet portal?

An corporate intranet portal provides employees with access to certain HR functions, primarily using intranet software. This way, employees can take responsibility for their personal information, apply for leave, and have access to their employment documents, payslips, timesheets, benefit registrations, and more. An employee intranet solution is more than just delegating certain responsibilities to the employees themselves. Its impact leads to a better employee experience, which in turn increases employee retention and turnover. Employees have a one-stop shop for all their needs; at the same time, HR managers have more time to make meaningful contributions to the company. To better understand this, here are the components of the corporate intranet portal.

Components of the Corporate intranet portal:

Typically, employee intranet solution can help with:

Update employee information

Access to onboarding documents and handbooks

Attendance and Timing

Payroll Information

Welfare Admission

Expense management

Performance Review and Evaluation

training program

leave request

Timely notifications and reminders.

And the list goes on and on. Now, imagine doing all these tasks manually. Sound boring? In a growing organization, in addition to taking care of recruiting needs, HR teams must use their precious time for administrative tasks that can be easily automated. When more of these requests flood in, it ends up blocking the workflow of the HR team and the rest of the organization. Additionally, delays can frustrate your employee intranet solution as they work remotely. By delegating some of these responsibilities to employees, it reduces the reliance on the HR team, allowing the organization to function smoothly.

Concerns about using employee self-service

While using the corporate intranet portal has many benefits, you still need to be aware of some of its possible downsides and be prepared to deal with them.

Bad data: While HR professionals have expertise in the tool, employees may not be proficient. Therefore, their lack of knowledge may lead to erroneous data. They may not know how to sign up for benefits, update their tax or insurance forms, etc. This can lead to a lot of back and forth and confusion. Set up training sessions that employee intranet solution can watch on-demand, covering all aspects of the Employee Services Portal in detail.

Lack of support: While training sessions can help your employees become familiar with the tool, they may still need occasional help during troubleshooting. In this case, HR professionals can only answer their questions, which leads to double work. The best solution is to use tools corporate intranet portal that provide helpful documentation and have a support team that you can always contact.

Security: While cloud services are becoming more popular, employees may still be hesitant to provide sensitive information online. Companies should ensure that HRIS software is compliant and has all security certifications to keep data safe and secure.

Considerations when choosing employee intranet solution

While an employee intranet solution portal has many benefits and is a must-have, it is important to consider the following points before choosing an HRIS software that supports employee self-service:

Determine the needs of the organization. You may not need all the features a full-fledged employee service may have to offer. For example, you may already have payroll software that can handle tax deductions that your employee self-service doesn’t need to handle. So be clear about what your corporate intranet portal needs to meet and choose accordingly.

Choose software that grows with your company. You may not need all the features right now, but as your company grows, so do your needs. Make sure the software is extensible.

Integration and Partnerships. Make sure your software is compatible with other tools in your company. Does it work with your payroll software? Will it work with your messaging tool?

Request support articles and employee training. When your entire company uses the tool, make sure they have a preferred documentation and a way to get support when needed.

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