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Digital Marketing Trends for Thailand

by Yasir Asif
Marketing trend for Thailand

As Thailand digitization continues to gain traction, it’s important to know digital marketing trends for Thailand that are applicable for the country. These can help you stay competitive and advance your business.

The Internet is now a key part of Thai citizens’ daily lives. With more eyes on their PCs, laptops, and smartphones than ever before, businesses must adjust to the new digital landscape.

1. Instagram

Instagram is a photo-sharing service owned by Facebook that allows users to share photos and videos. The platform also includes filters, clickable hashtags and the ability to tag others.

As a result, it is a powerful tool for brands looking to build their visibility and reach worldwide. It is also a great way to promote important causes and create social good, as well as to showcase a brand’s products or services.

However, while many B2B marketers have a negative impression of the platform’s potential, an expertly developed campaign can achieve incredible success. With a strong focus on visual content and targeted advertising, Instagram marketing is not as limited as many may think.

2. Facebook

Facebook is one of Thailand’s most popular social media platforms, with a vast majority of Thai users accessing it daily. The platform also offers a wide range of features and services to its users.

It is also a very effective marketing tool for businesses, as brands can target their ads to specific audiences. Eighty-four percent of Thais aged 13 and over see adverts on the platform, which is why Facebook is a must for any business looking to reach their customers.

However, this study showed that food marketing on Facebook in Thailand does not comply with Government regulations and the industry’s self-regulatory codes. The loopholes identified by this study need to be addressed urgently to ensure that Thailand’s children and adolescents are protected from inappropriate food marketing.

3. YouTube

YouTube has a very large user base in Thailand and is one of the top social media platforms for brands to advertise on. It is the second largest search engine behind Google with over 2.2 billion unique users, 8 billion hours of videos watched each month and over one hundred hours of video uploaded every minute.

A large portion of Thais watch videos on YouTube to learn new skills or to discover new products and services. For instance, 68% of YouTube viewers use videos to help them make a purchase decision.

YouTube marketing trends include using videos as a form of advertising, creating original idea-driven video content, and utilizing YouTube advertisements as an effective tool to promote your brand. Besides video ads, Thai businesses should also consider incorporating live streaming in their digital marketing strategy.

4. TikTok

TikTok is a video-sharing platform that is rapidly gaining popularity. It’s the go-to app for people looking for quick, funny videos.

Users share short video clips that feature music, emojis, text, transitions, GIFs and time effects. The app also has a feature called duet, which allows you to create a video with another user.

The application has received a lot of attention because it’s an effective way to promote products and services. Thai companies and international brands are using TikTok to boost their brand recognition.

The platform’s popularity has spawned numerous viral trends, including lip-syncing and dancing to popular songs. The #YeehawChallenge, for example, helped make the country-rap track “Old Town Road” a hit. These videos are highly enticing to non-users and are a great way for brands to encourage engagement with new customers.

5. WeChat

The digital landscape in Thailand is ever-evolving. The Internet infrastructure has never been more robust, and more Thai citizens or “netizens” are using it.

This has led to a significant increase in online advertising and social media marketing opportunities for brands. A strong understanding of the market and its audiences will be key to success.

Among the platforms that dominate the digital ecosystem in Thailand, WeChat is an attractive target for businesses. Its global audience base is worth leveraging for c-commerce marketing purposes.

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