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Bollywood’s Top Five Romantic Films of All Time

by Uneeb Khan
Hindi Movies

Romantic comedies have stood the test of time. There’s some art about them, and they always leave their listeners wanting more. The Bollywood film industry is often regarded as where romance films began. Watching a Cloudy Romantic Movie is a great way to forget about your troubles for a while and enter a universe where every story has a happy ending, and the hero is usually a handsome prince. The problem is that so many great romance films are out there that picking one might be challenging. This blog will discuss the five best Bollywood love stories within its pages. There isn’t a more romantic line or scene in cinema than the ones seen in these top-tier movies.



Malaal is a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film, produced by him, and directed by Mangesh Hadawale. The movie is a reworking of the Tamil film 7G Rainbow Colony (2004), in which Sharmin Segal and Meezaan Jaffrey also starred. Malaal recounts Astha and Shiva’s reunited love tale after they’ve been separated.

Regarding personality, Shiva and Astha couldn’t be more different, yet they both call a chawl in Mumbai home. Astha and her family lose their money and fall on hard times, so they move into Shiva’s house in the chawl. While they are drawn to one another, fundamental differences in their upbringings and worldviews cause friction between them. Astha is a Dalit, whereas Shiva is a Brahmin.

Some of the characters in the narrative are reflections of real individuals who find themselves on the fringes of society. This story is a testament to the bravery of people fighting for a better life for themselves and their families. Malaal, a writer from Mauritius, has written his debut book.


The film follows the lives of Madhu, a man, and Parthavi, a woman. They meet, fall in love, and decide they want to be hitched. When they were in school, Madhu and Parthavi were close friends who secretly loved each other. After some time has passed, they run into one other again. Both of them have settled down with families at this point. The tragic death of Madhu’s wife, Parthavi, in a vehicle accident is the turning point of the drama. Madhu, a father, left behind to care for his daughter, searches for answers throughout the film.

Hindi Movies

The two main characters in Dhadak are from very different socioeconomic classes and belong to families with quite different backgrounds. As a result, they have to contend with widespread hostility from friends, family, and the community at large. The couple, however, does not want to be parted and makes the bold decision to go away together.

Sui Dhaaga

Sui Dhaaga is about a rural-area couple. Change is in the air, so they’ve decided to start again in a major metropolis. They know each other and have different perspectives on life, yet they’re connected nevertheless. There are fundamental differences in the way each partner envisions the relationship developing. The film chronicles their problems as a couple and their respective responses.

Possible connotations of “vintage movies” or “Hindi Movies not popular with the younger generation” come to mind when one thinks about films in this category. Here, though, is a brand new one from this year. The film is flawless; it follows a small-town couple through their everyday lives.

This film follows a group of individuals struggling to find their way out of a difficult situation. The characters are intriguing because they are not archetypes but real individuals with strengths, faults, hopes, and desires. They’re flawed human beings with baggage and fears.


Directed by Abhishek Kapoor, Kedarnath is a 2018 Indian romantic drama film. Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan play the film’s main protagonists. The video explores the taboo of interfaith partnerships in India against the background of the Uttarakhand floods in 2013.

Hindi Movies

The societal problem addressed in Kedarnath is love. In love are Masoor, a Hindu Brahmin, and Mukku, a Muslim girl. The year is 1825, and the protagonists of this novel are in Kedarnath, just before the British are about to take over the area. The religious conflicts of the Shiv-Shakti era provide the backdrop for this drama. There was going to be an elopement between Masoor and Mukku, two people who were madly in love.

But their relatives discovered out and pushed them into an emergency marriage. The conflict of falling in love with someone only to be pushed into a marriage with someone you don’t care for is explored in this tale. The religious conflicts and societal turmoil of the period are also discussed in the paper.

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety

Titu and Sonu have known each other for years and have been housemates and closest friends ever since. They are rivals because they are both interested in the same lady. When Sweety dumps Titu and Sonu for a new, better man, their competition for her affection ends. Titu is lost in words and doesn’t know how to deal with his grief. When Sonu realizes this, he decides to make Titu happy at the expense of making Sweety’s life a nightmare. Sonu continues to harass and threaten Sweety.

At one point, Sonu’s mother texted Titu while he was at the office. For him, she had a buddy who played matchmaker. A matchmaker friend of hers was on the lookout for him. Sonu’s mum informed him about a girl in need of a spouse whose name was Sweety. The only reason Sonu consented to see her was to get a closer look at her, but he still had reservations about the notion. Sonu was instantly taken with Sweety at their first meeting.

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