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Benefits of Office 365 Digital Adoption

by Mohamed Ali
office 365 digital adoption

We talk a lot about workplace connectedness, efficiency, and productivity, especially given that we operate in a world of hybrid work settings. It’s truly about using technology to connect everything in order to create a thriving atmosphere for your staff.

An organization can achieve all these elements through Microsoft office 365 digital adoption. Here are 8 reasons reason why this adoption increases connectedness. efficiency, and productivity across your company:

Knowledge Sharing Streamlined Through Cloud Document Management

Many firms already use Microsoft SharePoint or OneDrive for document management. This frees firm data from file shares, improves searchability, and gives tools for managing versioning history and user access. These features alone help to improve productivity and information collaboration, but Microsoft 365 goes above and beyond. Microsoft 365’s cloud-based SharePoint Online’s improved user interface and connection make it simple to manage documents in cloud-based libraries while allowing for smooth document exchange.

Furthermore, because Microsoft 365 integrates Microsoft Teams with SharePoint Online, employees can communicate more effectively while managing and generating documents. It’s simple to instant message a colleague using the built-in Teams tools when an employee has queries about anything. The document is available in a Teams channel newsfeed, where team members can remark on any changes or revisions.

Improved Mobile Access for Productivity Anywhere, Anytime

Employees may more easily stay productive when; traveling, working locally, or working remotely thanks to Microsoft 365, which combines the strength of cloud computing with a full range of mobile apps. Microsoft 365 apps are free for tiny mobile devices and concentrate on individual applications (Word, Excel, Teams, etc.). In order to develop a genuinely mobile digital workplace, you might want to look beyond these commonplace apps, depending on the demands of your business.

For instance, you can develop a PowerApps-based application that is usable on any mobile platform. Other programs, including Planner, SharePoint, and OneDrive, also have their own programs that work well with one another. Due to the strength of these apps, you can concentrate on carrying out your organization’s objective rather than worrying about how well your team is connecting.

Social Skills that Encourage Innovation

Social technologies enable employees in your company to interact with corporate information. Most importantly, at the same rapidity and fluidity as social media. Offering comparable technology in the workplace capitalizes on the fact that the majority of employees are already adept at using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for personal purposes. 

The social enterprise features in Microsoft 365 don’t provide a significant learning curve for most users and call for any additional training. It is simple to “like” a piece of material. Comment on website content, engage in a threaded conversation akin to a forum, or integrate a personalized news feed that compiles various conversations from your company.

The Microsoft 365 suite of products, which includes Teams and Yammer (Yammer is typically only a part of large companies), lets your company create various groups and employ discussion threads specific to a department, line of business, or community of interest. It lets people in your organization share their knowledge with a bigger audience and ask questions in a casual setting. Teams (or Yammer) make it simpler for the business to remember this information, and make it available to others who have the same queries than asking and receiving answers to inquiries individually via email.

Automated Intelligent Processes

Many businesses struggle with managing and adjusting processes. With Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform’s out-of-the-box web forms, workflow management, and data storage tools, you can easily automate company operations. Microsoft Teams and Dataverse are used in these solutions, which span departments to serve the entire enterprise. Furthermore, Microsoft 365 combines a number of third-party technologies. For example, you can utilize email to retrieve activities for integrated workflow execution.

Platforms for Effective Communications

A corporate intranet or a teamwork solution is often the starting point for many communication-related operations in a large firm. An enterprise intranet enables you to, among other things, supply services and information, create a website that represents your culture and identity and give employees a central location to learn more about larger initiatives and explore resources.

Microsoft 365 makes it easier to create a corporate intranet using SharePoint Online without having to deal with the technical difficulties of running your own server and on-premises infrastructure. Additionally, integrated services inside Microsoft 365, like Teams, improve your capacity to effectively engage with coworkers in the digital workplace for general communication outside the corporate intranet.

Internal and External Collaboration

Your staff can efficiently collaborate internally and with outside partners thanks to Microsoft 365’s communication and collaboration solutions. Email works great for some cooperative tasks, but it’s less useful for others. Email is helpful for things like exchanging official documents and creating an electronic record of an action.

Better methods of sharing information are available, for instance, through instant messaging, Microsoft Teams workspaces, and SharePoint Online sites. Especially when it comes to fast questions and co-authoring papers. Microsoft 365 enables enterprises to have a multidimensional collaboration environment. One that places knowledge in an actionable context while eliminating geographic productivity obstacles by integrating these tools. All of this is done while upholding the highest security and compliance standards. This includes content expiration, Rights Management with encryption (Azure Information Protection), integrated data loss prevention, and other widely used access control measures.

Employee Engagement and Experience

Microsoft Viva came as a single employee experience platform in response to research indicating a lowering of productivity and interruption of workers, login into several platforms. As well as the rapid increase in Microsoft Teams’ popularity. Microsoft’s solution to this productivity decrease is a unified employee experience platform consisting of the following components.

Viva Connections: keeps employees in touch with one another. People can contribute more readily, and it connects your group around the corporate vision.

Viva Insights: Provides visibility into how work is performed and the impact on productivity and well-being. Insights also offers personalized and actionable insights and use data to handle complicated business challenges.

Viva Topics: Built on Microsoft 365 and uses artificial intelligence to locate information and professionals from throughout your organization and organize them into shared subjects that are sorted into pages.

Viva Learning: Enables employees to easily discover formal and informal learning when it is required, making it easier for people to learn while working, and build the skills required by the firm.

Encourage and Facilitate Innovation

Every organization in the world aspires to be a place that encourages and facilitates innovation. You can provide your teams with the tools they need to be more innovative by using Microsoft 365. Meetings are more efficient with digital whiteboards and spaces for taking notes and recording interactions. Information is also easy to share and retain. Employees, regardless of location, feel empowered, connected, and engaged.

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