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Award Banquet Ideas To Try at Your Next Corporate Event

by Jayson Smith

Your company’s award banquet represents an excellent opportunity to recognize the hard work and effort of the people who help make your business a success. With this in mind, finding ways to make it an evening to remember for all who attend is a must.

Here are 5 award banquet ideas to try at your next corporate event that will help to make it a memorable experience for the attendees and award recipients.

1. Choose a Unique Venue

Picking a great venue to host your next corporate awards event is an idea you simply must try. You can always go with a traditional banquet hall or an event center. These venues are ideally suited for hosting big corporate events.

At the same time, you can add to the appeal of your award banquet by holding it at a unique venue, such as an outdoor setting that includes plenty of picturesque scenery. You might also consider brewery or winery venues if this is an option in your region.

2. Bring in Some Great Entertainment

Spending a little extra money to bring in some great entertainment is another way to boost the atmosphere of fun at your next corporate awards banquet.

Though you might be tempted to just bring in a DJ for the event, you can really bump the energy level up by hiring a live rock or swing band that will entertain attendees throughout the evening. It is one of those extra touches that can help set your event apart and create a long lasting impression in the minds of those in attendance.

3. Offer Unique Awards

Offering unique awards provided by a trusted supplier of custom trophies is another great idea to make your award banquet a memorable experience for attendees. The purpose of your corporate award banquet is to honor the hard work and dedication exhibited by members of your team throughout the year.

Giving out unique, custom-designed awards is a great way to show that you appreciate the efforts that the recipients have put in to make your business the success that it is. It is also a great way to impress all other attendees who have come to the big event!

4. Select an Engaging Theme

Choosing a fun and engaging theme is another great idea that can help to make your corporate award banquet a success. There are a lot of ways that you could go with this. Perhaps you want to have a fancy and formal event where everyone comes in their finest attire.

At the same time, you might go the opposite way and have a less formal theme focused on fun and entertainment. From an island party theme to a black tie theme, there are plenty of options. You can even tie the evening’s awards into the theme you choose for your corporate awards ceremony.

Additionally, having an engaging theme can make it social media-worthy, showcasing just how amazing your employee engagement activities are.

5. Live Stream Your Event for Those Who Cannot Attend

Live streaming your next corporate award banquet is a great addition that can help you to include anyone unable to attend in person. Live streaming of events is continually growing in popularity, and it could be the perfect way to ensure that those who could not be there for the big night will still feel like they are taking part, included, and valued.

This could be a particularly great move if you have any award recipients who are unable to attend the evening in person. You could even offer the option for them to receive their award recognition via the live stream by having them appear through their webcam to the audience that is attending in person. Another bonus is that the recipient can involve their family and friends to share in their career highlights and milestone.

An award banquet is a great way to honor the work of those individuals who have contributed to your company’s success. These award banquet ideas can help make your next corporate event an occasion that will be remembered fondly by those in attendance. They will also help make it a truly special evening for those who receive awards for the work they do for your company daily.

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