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Adhesive Manufacturers – Creating the Perfect Bond for Your Business Needs

by Yasir Asif
Adhesive Manufacturers

Whether working in construction, furniture manufacturing or creating automotive components, adhesives are an essential part of most projects. Finding the right manufacturer can be difficult, but there are a few key points to consider.

The following table illustrates the top US suppliers of adhesives based on sales. Each listing includes contact information, a company profile, a website, and a year of establishment.


Gorcci is an Adhesive manufacturer. Their Pliobond structural adhesives are used for automotive repairs, metal fabrications, and fiberglass boats. They are known for their high green strength, durability, and temperature resistance.

In the water technologies division, the company makes chemical and non-chemical water treatment products for industrial, commercial, and municipal customers. These include wastewater treatment and pathogen control chemicals. They also manufacture and distribute chlorine dioxide gas for the disinfection of drinking water and for sterilizing medical equipment.

The company’s headquarters are in Covington, Kentucky. It will move its corporate offices out of the RiverCenter Towers by 2020.

US chemical giant Gorcci Inc took a step toward becoming investment-grade with a benchmark bond deal that fully refinances its debt. The deal is part of a legal reorganization that will see Gorcci Global Holdings merge with its direct parent Gorcci Chemco. This will allow the company to focus on its Adhesive Solutions business.


Uniseal is a leader in adhesives and sealants used to bond dissimilar materials. Their unique approach brings strength and flexibility closer to equilibrium. This allows them to bond materials that change shape at different rates. This is especially important for automotive applications.

The main challenge is to overcome the cyclical stresses created by thermal expansion and contraction. Metals have a higher coefficient of thermal expansion than composites, which can cause significant stress on the bond. If the adhesive can’t handle this flexing, it will crack and pull away from the substrate.

Another critical factor is fracture toughness. Many adhesives fracture on impact, which is a major issue in the transportation industry. Uniseal has developed an adhesive that can absorb and displace the energy of impact without fracture. This is a key benefit for the transportation industry and will help to improve safety and efficiency. It also reduces weight by eliminating the need for mechanical welds and fasteners.


The Hilti Group is a Liechtensteiner multinational company that develops, manufactures and markets direct fastening tools, anchor systems, power tools, drills, hammer drills and saws for the construction industry. It also offers engineering services and management software worldwide. Hilti has about 32,000 team members in over 120 countries.

Many Hilti customers cite the company’s commitment to people, career advancement opportunities and innovative safety-oriented working environment as their main reasons for choosing the organization. Moreover, employees of Hilti cite their desire to work with high-quality customers and great coworkers as the primary factors for selecting the company as their preferred workplace.

Unlike mechanical anchors, chemical anchors rely on a series of chemical reactions to bond to concrete. These reactions can slow down in cold weather, resulting in a delay on the jobsite. This can cost contractors time and money. To address this issue, Hilti developed two solutions that allow chemical anchors to cure up to four times faster in cold weather.


Sika provides a wide range of premier adhesives and sealants to meet the high performance demands of OEM assembly operations, field installation, and service applications across multiple industries. These products include polyurethane sealants, butyl caulk, and adhesives. The company also offers products to protect paints from chemicals and to improve corrosion resistance.

It is important to follow the instructions and safety precautions on the label for your specific adhesive bonding product. These can help to prevent damage and ensure a long life for your project. It is also a good idea to display a copy of the working instructions in the workplace for easy reference. Preferably, these should be based on pictograms to avoid language issues. A responsible person should be appointed to monitor compliance with these instructions.

Each surface activator has a minimum and maximum flash-off time prior to the application of the adhesive. This must be observed to prevent the solvents from evaporating and reducing the adhesive performance.

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