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Abnormal Skin Shedding in Reptiles

by Uneeb Khan


The abnormal shedding of skin, also known as disecdysis, is among the most frequent health issues that affect pet reptiles. Certain species of snakes and lizards shed their skin in one piece, while others shed skin in patches. In all instances, however when the process is completed the reptile needs to be fully covered in the fresh layers of skin.

Symptoms and Types

After a shed that is not complete skin, bits of the old skin tend to remain around the tail and toes or even on the surface of the eyes. Skin bands that are not shed can serve as a tourniquet, and result in tissue death and loss of the toes or parts or the entire tail.  Prehistoric Birds  The infection can be spread through patches of skin that have not been shed, which can cause painful, red spots which can drain pus. The spectacles that are not shed give the reptile’s eyes the appearance of a wrinkled and milky appearance.


The main cause for abnormal skin shed is an amount of humidity within the terrarium that is low. Other causes could be the absence of a surface with which to rub or scratch, poor health external parasites and an insufficient diet. More


Skin shedding that is abnormal is easily identified through a close inspection on the reptile. Finding the cause of the issue could be as simple as analyzing a reptile’s preferred humidity levels as well as nutrition requirements, as well as analyzing the environment in the enclosure, and completing the complete health examination.


You can treat a variety of instances of unusual skin shedding in reptiles from the convenience of your home. Apply a solution or rinse the reptile in hot water for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then gentle rub or peel the skin off. If the spectacles aren’t shed then apply an artificial tear solution and wait for 10-15 minutes prior to gently rub them away from in the eyes or gently lifting them out by using your fingernail. If, after repeated treatments over several days, there isn’t any improvement, or if the skin is red or appears unhealthy, you should take the reptile to the veterinarian. Can Dogs Eat Asparagus

Living and Management

If the humidity levels in the terrarium have to be controlled, consider adding the hide box with an sphagnum layer that is moist the moss to give an area that is relatively high humidity.


Maintaining the proper levels of humidity in the reptile’s terrarium by offering a place to rub , and a bowl to soak in and keeping the pet in good health will avoid the majority of cases of unusual skin shed.

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