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6 Web Technologies Every Web Developer Must Know

by Uneeb Khan
Web Developer

Web technology makes it possible to communicate more effectively and quickly with a large number of individuals at once, which results in ideal automation. The true definition of a web technology is a system for connecting PCs to web servers and other computers using markup languages and multimedia software. Using computer languages and web technology, you can create a communication platform with a variety of features and conveniences.


Most likely, you’ve heard the phrase “web development technologies,” but have you really considered what it actually means? Computers need codes to communicate with one another because they can’t speak to each other like people can. The markup languages used by computers to communicate, such as HTML, XML, and XHTML, are known as web technologies.


A developer should be knowledgeable with one or two programming languages, front- and back-end frameworks, databases, and CSS in order to design a web application.

1. HTML & CSS:

         Web developers create web apps using the web development languages HTML and CSS. Take a closer look at these web technologies. While CSS specifies how websites should look, including things like font colours, font sizes, and background colours among other things, HTML specifies the content structure, such as headings, paragraphs, tables, and lists. Together, these are the two most vital web development technologies and make it simple for web designers to build web apps like Facebook and this website.



               The JavaScript-based client-side frameworks are now generating a lot of excitement. One such client-side framework for web development that has experienced tremendous growth is React. It is built on JavaScript. Due to its characteristics, React is a well-liked web development tool among businesses and professionals worldwide.


         Evan In 2014, you had created Vue.js. The features of AngularJS (as the View Layer) and React.js are combined in Vue.js (as Virtual DOM). Currently, it is among the frameworks with the strongest community support.


          One of the most well-known Python frameworks, Django, uses the MVC design pattern. Due to its simplicity, the process of developing apps is greatly facilitated.



                           A Google web browser is called Chrome. Web developers value its web standards-based rendering because it makes web application coding simpler. It can also be used with a variety of web-based applications, including Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and YouTube.


                      Apple makes the web browser Safari. Web developers value its web standards-based rendering because it makes web application coding simpler. Numerous web-based applications, like iCloud, Aperture, and iMovie, among others, can be utilised with it.


         Mozilla Firefox is a web browser created by Mozilla, who also created HTML5. Despite not being as well-known as Google Chrome, it’s nevertheless a web browser worth getting to know due of its support for web standards. Additionally, it requires less time outside of web development coding apps because its web-based capabilities are more potent than those found on other web browsers like Internet Explorer.



            Ruby is adored by programmers, and for good reason. It makes sense that this programming language is frequently referred to as “a programmer’s best friend” because it is so user-friendly and simple to use. Ruby will provide you with more readable, condensed code. Sadly, this occasionally results in less efficiency than other programming languages, but it also results in more productivity. Ruby would be a fantastic first programming language to learn if you are a beginner in the web development company. Ruby code that has been written well can read virtually as easily as a sentence written in simple English.


               Due to a number of factors, JavaScript is the language that startups utilise the most. Both front-end and back-end programming can be done with it. Although all languages have significant learning curves, JavaScript is very simple to pick up and is widely utilised in the creation of custom web applications. Additionally, new features are continually being added and it is being updated.


        The most popular language used for web development is PHP. PHP was used to create WordPress, a content management system (CMS) that powers 34% of the Internet. Choosing a popular language like PHP can provide you access to a broader pool of developers from which to choose and work. Finding a good developer can be challenging regardless of the language. Additionally, PHP includes a wealth of online guides and courses for help and troubleshooting.



      While a web browser employs HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), which is a protocol used by web browsers when they’re reading HTML files or websites, a web developer can construct web applications that behave like web browsers in order to read HTML files or webpages.


    Because it makes it simpler for online apps to communicate with web servers and web services like Facebook, YouTube, Google Docs, and G Suite, among others, DDP is a crucial web technology that web developers should grasp.


      Web developers can easily interface with web servers and web services by using the REST protocol, which is a web-based web service.




     To define and modify data, SQL databases employ structured query language (SQL). The language a programmer uses to interact with a database and modify the data stored therein is called SQL. Since all SQL databases speak the same language, you must utilise preset schemas to establish the data’s organizational structure. The same structure must be followed by your data as well, which may necessitate some preliminary planning.


         Since noSQL databases (thus the name) don’t use structured query language, data can be stored in a variety of ways. This implies that data can be stored without its structure being defined first. Additionally, a NoSQL database lets all of your stored data to have its own distinct structure independent of the structure of the database itself.

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          A proprietary database management system is Oracle Database. Online transaction processing, data warehousing, and mixed database workloads are frequently run on it.


       Business owners and marketers can participate more actively in the development process by having a working knowledge of the technology utilised in web development. They probably don’t need to memorise all of the aforementioned material, but keeping this page close by will provide them access to some of the technical knowledge they’ll need to decide on a project effectively. The best partner to carry out your project, however, is actually the key to selecting the appropriate web development technology.

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