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5 Ways a Commercial Electrician Helps Your Business

by Uneeb Khan
Commercial Electrician

A regular power supply is important to run a business. You cannot imagine completing the daily operation and administrative work of the office without the supply of power. Hence, the electrical circuits and a system must run flawlessly. Here comes the role of a commercial electrician. We are not only responsible for checking the wiring and installation of the equipment but also for the maintenance of the entire electrical framework of a building. When it comes to commercial complexes and large buildings, however, only a commercial electrician should be recruited. There are several ways a commercial electrician can help you, which will be discussed in the blog.

Services Offered by a Commercial Electrician

Testing And Tagging of Appliances

A commercial electrical contractor’s preliminary work is to check if all the electrical appliances and circuit in the building are operating as per the safety standards. They will perform a thorough examination of the complete electrical system and will notify you of any signals of danger. Based on this, the electrical contractor will choose the best course of action to replace or repair the component.

The work of testing and tagging the appliances must be done as per the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760.  The standard ensures that the tagging is safe and minimizes the risk of electrical shocks. For a commercial complex, the appropriate timing of testing the electrical equipment is paramount to prevent any kind of electrical accident. Hence you must hire an experienced and qualified commercial electrical contractor for this task.

Circuit Breaker Testing

A commercial electrical contractor will also test your commercial complex’s circuit breakers. This procedure includes both testing the switching mechanism and programming the tripping structure. Circuit brake testing is important for any building as it is responsible for the supply of electric currents and insulating one contact from the other. A commercial electrician will have a closer look at this and will ensure that this is there is no fault in the system. The need to do a circuit brake test can lead to a faulty electrical system, which controls and hence it must not be ignored.

Electrical Wiring

The basic and the most important work done by an electrical contractor is electrical wiring. They ensure that the wiring is done as per the requirement and also have the capacity to supply high power if required. They will ensure that there are no loose points that can lead to short-circuiting all electrical mishaps.

Commercial Electrician

Commercial Electrician

Lightning Protection

Protection from lightning strikes is yet another essential aspect of a commercial electrical contractor’s work. Both lightning and thunder have the potential to cause significant damage to a building’s electrical system. Because of this, when installing the electrical wire or the system, the electrical contractor should be sure to establish the lighting system in a way that deflects the impact and lowers the likelihood that the building or its electrical framework will be damaged in any way. A typical lightning protection system includes a lightning cable, a rod and ground roads.


Energy efficiency is yet another important aspect that the Commercial Electrician addresses. They would be able to recommend you alternative ways which can help you save on energy bills. Commercial spaces have a higher electricity consumption than residential buildings, so you need to switch to alternatives that can help you save on energy bills.

In addition to the services that they offer, commercial electrical contractors also make it a point to check that all of the electrical components and appliances are operating at the most efficient possible level. We also regularly inspect the system to ensure that there are no underlying issues. Hence it becomes important to hire only a qualified and trained commercial electrical contractor who has expertise in this domain and renders their services.

Wrapping it up!!!

Make sure that you always keep noticing the red signals of the electrical system. Problems like frequent tripping of the MCB or rising energy bills, or failure in the electrical system demand the attention of an experienced electrical contractor. Therefore, make sure that you hire only a licensed and trained electrician who has the expertise in commercial electrical work.

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