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5 Garage Remodel Ideas for Your Calabasas Home

by Mohamed Ali

Is your garage not being used enough? Is it just the spot in your home where your entire spare items get piled up? You most certainly are not alone in Calabasas. You have a lot of options if your garage is a disorganized mass of junk and underutilized space. With the assistance of the ADU contractors in Calabasas, like Done Right Home Remodeling, you can create a space for your personal use. Here are just a few of these amazing options for optimal use of your unoccupied garage space:

1. Home Gym Conversion

The ride to the gym located at a fair distance is the hardest part of continuing your workout sessions. Many people who are attempting to squeeze exercise schedules into their hectic routines are finding it hard to manage. They need to gather all equipment, drive for a long and then reach the destination all exhausted. However, what if you can access a gym at home?

You may bring the convenience factor right into your home and create motivation for your fitness plan by turning your garage into a gym. The best thing is that a home gym allows you to select the perfect apparatus as per your suitability. It makes the ambiance far more personalized than a commercial gym.

2. Turning your Garage into a Male Retreat

You can transform the garage into the supreme man cave to lead a bachelor’s life for the time being, as you may prefer a little solitude. You can do it if you deck your garage with cozy couches and plush chairs and decorate the walls with exquisite sports memorabilia. Also, you can add a television and place a refrigerator. Invite your friends to watch the trending talk show.

3. Conversion to Home Office

It might be time to think about upgrading the garage so you can turn it into an ideal workspace if you have a lot of work to do but have a space crunch in the main living space. You may ascertain that your garage-turned-office has plenty of natural light to help you concentrate with the support of a creative renovation crew.

4. Playroom Conversion

Why not think about converting your garage into a versatile playroom for young children? You can store toys and children’s games on shelves. Besides, you can paint the walls with a youthful color combination. A basketball hoop may be an excellent option if the ceiling is high. If it’s not feasible, soccer or table tennis are excellent game variations for both adults and kids.

5. An Organized Storage Space

Finally, if you can’t eliminate the clutter, you can get your garage organized. Knowing how things go together is one of the finest garage conversion procedures. For instance, tall storage lockers and stackable storage bins are excellent concepts to install in your garage.

The garage wall is one of the areas which gets the least attention. By rearranging your garage, you may utilize the wall to place bicycles, tools, and other prominent items like sporting goods. Utilizing the wall with precision may prompt you to create a useful storage area while also conserving valuable floor space.


You are not sacrificing your parking storage space in your Calabasas home if you redesign your garage. You may turn your garage into a multipurpose space where you can park your car, store your belongings, set up a small workshop, and even work from home. If you don’t want to store your athletic goods and other belongings in the basement, you can still create a small storage area.

Consult the best remodeling contractor in your location, like Done Right Home Remodeling, for more distinct garage conversion ideas!

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