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Zong: Zong balance checking codes 2022

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Are you searching for Zong balance checking codes? Then don’t worry you are at the right place. Here we will explain in detail all the Zong balance checking codes. so let’s explain it to you.


Zong is a subsidiary of China Mobile Company. It is the key factor of digital transformation, reduces the distance of connectivity, and removes technology gaps by becoming the leading digital and cellular services provider in Pakistan while competing with other networks.

Zong balance checking codes

#1: Code

If you want to check Zong balance, enter *222# on your mobile keypad then press okay. You will receive your current balance message on your screen. This code works for all kinds of devices. They will charge you Rs.0.50+ Tax/inquiry for this if you have enough balance.

#2: Code

If the first code has some problems, then dial *310#. After dialing this code you will get information related to your Zong balance, Mbs, remaining minutes and etc. It will also charge Rs.0.50+Tax/inquiry.

You can also call 310 which is the Zong Helpline customer care center and get assistance.

Another way to check out Zong’s balance

Do you have iPhone or any other smartphone? Then you must try “My ZONG APP” to install this app on your smartphone and get related information.

 If you don’t know how to install and use my Zong app then follow the instruction mentioned below:

  • Open the Google play store
  • Type “My Zong app”
  • Find the official app and install it
  • Open the “My Zong App” and enter the essential information
  • After entering the information you will be able to see the ZONG SIM details.

T is free of cost you can get related information by making sure you have an internet connection.


How I can check Zong balance?

Enter the *222# code on the mobile pad then press okay. You will receive a flash message about Zong balance info. or type *310# for checking Zong Balance.

How can I check my Zong number without a balance?

Install the “My ZONG app” and check Zong balance. This is a 100% free method but make sure you have an internet connection to check Zong balance via “My Zong app”.

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