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Workplace burnout: Causes and Prevention

by Mohamed Ali

Burnout is a condition remarked by extreme exhaustion and fatigue. Caused on account of chronic stress, burnout takes a great toll on mental and physical health. 

While some people are able to soldier through the initial stages of fatigue and burnout, chronic burnout can lead to people being unable to continue with their normal routine. 

The most common form of burnout is related to work. Many people are made to work under high-pressure conditions. Expecting people to work overtime and put in weekends is not the new norm. Due to technology, you never are truly away from work. 

All these then pave for the person experiencing burnout, the symptoms of which are severe enough to merit the intervention of a Psychologist in Karachi

Causes of burnout 

Certain factors that increase the risk for and cause burnout include:

The job dynamics

People who are unable to understand the exact nature of their job are more likely to get burnout. Moreover, those who have their job descriptions varying all the time, and thus are constantly learning the ropes, also have a greater risk of burnout. 

People working jobs that defies people’s belief systems can also cause burnout. 

Job that is not stimulating 

Having a job that is monotonous also increases the risk for burnout. There is nothing that excites you, so when you experience boredom at work, and then easily become exhausted. 

Poor work-life balance

It is naturally more likely to get exhausted when a major part of your day is spent working, especially under hostile conditions. There is hardly any time then to relax, socialize or rest, leading then to burnout.  

Lack of support 

Having social support is imperative in all facets of life, and work is no exception. People who do not have support are more likely to experience burnout. 

Personality trait 

Some personality traits are at a greater risk for burnout. Those who are perfectionists end up spending so much of their energy at needless tasks, which then drains them. 

Moreover, those with high achieving mindset have a greater risk for burnout as they then exert a lot of their energies into their work. On the flip side, people who are jaded also have a greater chance of burnout. 

Burnout prevention 

Talk to your supervisor

To prevent burnout, you need to take your supervisor into confidence. Talk to them about what aspect of job is causing you to experience stress. Similarly, talk to them about the environment that is bothering you and causing the issue. 

Ask for help

Normalize the culture of asking for help. Not everything has to be about your ego. When you are struggling, getting help can make things easier for you and possibly prevent burnout.

Have a support system

It also helps to talk to your friends and family about the problems that you are experiencing at work. Venting helps in getting the frustration out. Moreover, they might also be able to give you words of wisdom that can help improve your disposition. Spending quality time with your loved ones also aid in improving your mood.

Try relaxation techniques 

Managing stress levels is important to prevent burnout. Some helpful things to try include meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, and tai chi, amongst others. 

Change the way you view work 

Your work does not define you. While you should not be complacent, going above and beyond always can tax you. So, try to have a balanced approach to work. 

Similarly, if you have perfectionist tendencies, work on managing them. Whereas it is okay to push yourself occasionally, spreading yourself thin constantly will take a toll on you. So, do not overcommit. Try to delegate tasks so the burden does not rest entirely on you.

Get professional help 

If you are struggling with anxiety, stress, and exhaustion, perhaps you should consider the professional help of a psychologist. Timely intervention can prevent burnout and mitigate the mental health problems that can serve as a precursor to burnout.

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