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Why you should ditch plastic bottles and switch to bottle packaging  

by Uneeb Khan
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When you buy your water in a plastic bottle, you’re contributing to the pollution of our oceans. And that can’t be good. But what if there was a key solution to keep your water safe while still being able to drink it? Well, there is. It’s called bottle packaging, and it’s better than any other packaging on the market. Because it doesn’t just keep your water safe, it keeps it fresh for days. You can reuse these bottles repeatedly by cleaning them out with warm water and soap before refilling them with water from the tap. 

Ditch the plastic bottles and switch to bottle packaging. The last thing you want to do is to eat something that’s been in a plastic bottle. It’s not just bad for you; it’s also bad for the environment.  

Reasons you need to switch to bottle packaging 

  • Plastic bottles are bad for the environment. 
  • They’re hard to recycle and often not recycled at all. 
  • They’re dangerous to drink because they don’t decompose quickly enough and can leach chemicals into your water supply. 
  • They’re a waste of resources: plastic bottles take up more landfills than other materials like paper, glass, and aluminum combined! 

Benefits of Bottle Packaging  

Let’s talk about why you need this packaging over plastic bottles. 

Ideal to Ship  

It’s no secret that we all love to drink, but it’s also no secret that plastic bottles are a major environmental hazard. 

Custom Bottle Packaging is the ideal solution for your products. Because they’re small and lightweight, you can pack them full of your product and still get it all in one place. Plus, if you want to ship them by air or sea, you can use bottles that are made from cardboard or other lightweight materials that won’t break when they get dropped or crushed. 

This packaging is a great way to protect your product and make it easy to find when it’s time to sell. 

You can use such packaging for various products, from cosmetics to pet food. It’s also an ideal or perfect way to keep your product fresh and clean. 


If you’re looking or searching for a way to protect your product, you may wonder how affordable bottle packing is. 

The cardboard Bottle packaging is inexpensive. Because it’s easy to make, easy to buy, and easy to use. It has eco materials, and anyone can use it in various ways. For example, you can ship food products or beverages across the country with less risk of spoilage. 

The process for making this type of packaging is also quick and simple. You need a few tools that are readily available at most hardware stores. Because of this, it is affordable compared to other types of packaging. 

You don’t have to worry about many different things, like how much it costs to buy machinery. Or how much it costs to get your bottles packaged.

That means that you only need to worry about making sure your product tastes good and looks good at the same time. 

Eco Friendly 

The world is going through a bad face or phase because of plastic hazards. In such a scenario, if there is one thing we need, it is to eliminate plastic. Because plastic is a cheaper option, many companies believe in its consumption. However, this is not a good or perfect idea because we are facing many issues, including global warming because of plastic. 

We can initiate a change by changing our packaging habits and what can be the better option than wholesale bottle packaging. The beautiful thing about this packaging is that the material is mostly paper or cardboard. Both these materials are harmless to the environment and are not going to landfills.  

We know how environmentally conscious today’s customers are, and you can guarantee the success of your brand if you choose this packaging over plastic. Eco is the need of 2022, and the sooner we start, the better. 

Easy marketing  

Eco-friendly packaging is a way to market your brand and show the world that you care about the environment. 

Packaging is an important part of any product’s life cycle. So there are many ways to reduce the waste that packaging generates. 

The most obvious way is by using recycled materials. Using recycled materials helps to lower the amount of waste generated by manufacturing and shipping your product. Recycled paper makes up at least 25% of all forms used in commercial printing today. 

Another great way to reduce packaging waste is using biodegradable or compostable materials. These materials break down in soil or under sunlight over time, so they don’t stay around for long after they’re gone.  

Tips to start with Eco packaging 

Eco-friendly packaging is all these days. And for a good reason: it’s sustainable, convenient, and helps keep your product from getting into the hands of people who might not want to use it. 

There are some ways to ensure that your packaging isn’t going to be eco-friendly. And they’re not too complicated. 

Learn the four tips that will have your eco-friendly packaging looking as professional as can be: 

  • Use recycled paper or cardboard (or both) instead of virgin materials. It decreases the waste amount going into landfills. But it also means that your company is doing its part to support recycling programs and reduce landfill waste.
  • Use biodegradable plastic instead of petroleum-based plastics like styrofoam cups and plastic bags. This makes sense for most brands since most products can be sold with biodegradable packaging. 

Plastic needs elimination, so it is important to go for bottle packaging. This packaging will help you stay ahead of your competition. Because you will be caring for the environment at the same time. 

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