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Why WordPress Is Best for Better SEO Results: 7 Arguments

by Uneeb Khan

If you want to create a website and think of using WordPress as the platform, you’re on the right track. More than 40% of all websites on the Internet are powered by it, making it the most widely used CMS available. It also has the most active developer and user communities, so if you need to add a particular feature to your website, there are probably several plugins and widgets available from which to choose.

The ease of starting a website with WordPress is another justification for using it. Even if you are not a skilled developer, the user-friendly community and specific settings, interface, and community will make this job even easier. You will get great results if you mix multiple online lessons and web design classes to familiarise yourself with the fundamentals of creating website layouts, essential components, and best practices.

The greatest CMS for improving your search engine rankings is also available in addition to that. You would want as many users to visit your website as possible when you design it. If not, why would one want to do it? People must come across your website when they conduct a Google search to make a purchase, seek guidance, or learn more about the industry you are to draw an audience.

Here are the main justifications for selecting WordPress in your SEO campaigns:

1) Simple techniques for making your website mobile responsive

More individuals are using their phones to access websites as life gets busier and the temptation to do everything on the go grows. An adaptable design is essential for SEO as Google will index content on mobile devices starting in 2019. WordPress has a tonne of responsive themes, which is fantastic. Because the design is automatically modified when using them, you no longer need to worry about duplicating your efforts to adapt your website to mobile devices.

2) Internal tools for creating user-friendly URLs

WordPress enables you to build up a unique URL structure for your website. By doing this, you can create links for your new posts that are simple to read and obvious to your users because they are based on the article’s title rather than having a confusing array of symbols and numbers. It’s not only about being more detailed and user-friendly; there’s also a chance to add a target term to the URL to improve the likelihood of appearing higher in the SERP results.

3) The availability of plugins that address all SEO requirements

There are various WordPress solutions, both free and paid, that make SEO administration simpler. Among these are YoastSEO, Rankmath, and the All-in-one SEO bundle. Without leaving your admin panel, you may organize keyword tracking, automatic schema generation based on the post type, custom XML map generation, and metatag management with such plugins.

4) Image SEO administration

Over 65% of people perceive information better when it is presented visually than in other formats. Adding images to your articles and posts may encourage visitors to interact with your content and stay on your pages longer, which boosts conversion rates. Product photos are crucial for stores, so image optimization is one of the top concerns for SEO. For these uses, WordPress’ built-in media gallery functionality allows users to specify the text description for the image using the alt attribute. It’s an additional method of adding the desired keywords to your website.

On the other hand, an overloaded website may have a bad SEO impact because of the longer loading time. To address this issue, image optimization plugins like Shortpixel enable CDN loading of images, saving servers’ resources and reducing the time that visitors must wait for images to load when they visit a website.

5) A technical SEO optimization strategy.

Speaking about faster loading times, this pertains to technical SEO Services in Lahore and is just as crucial as focusing on obtaining more links. Because people and bots leave your website when it loads slowly, indexing new pages may take longer. WordPress may be enhanced with a variety of plugins. They can assist you with asynchronously loading javascript and other front-end components, caching content, and minifying large scripts so that the website loads quickly.

6) Markup 

Because search engine bots use the post structure for indexing, it is one of the essential components of SEO. Since they are unable to understand the text, they crawl your pages and evaluate how effectively lists, headers, the presence of titles, and other HTML markup elements are utilized. With WordPress’ built-in editor, you can construct a precise structure that will make your page look user- and bot-friendly.

7) Simple integration with third-party advertising 

When you run a business website, you’ll utilize various other technologies, such as CRM, Analytics, and a WordPress analytics tool, to offer customer assistance for the website or fuel your marketing activities. There will be a simple way to integrate if you use WordPress because plugins are available for the most popular technologies, including but not limited to Google Analytics and other G products, Salesforce, Zoho, and Mailchimp. Additionally, the two most well-known standalone SEO tools, Ahrefs and Semrush, have created a unique WordPress plugin to link the website to their accounts.

To Sum Up

With the expansion of the WordPress community and the trend toward simplification in web construction, establishing an online presence is now simpler than ever. You can customize WordPress to suit any demand, from a small e-commerce operation to a massive one, by using the features that add-ons for WordPress provide. Indeed, the platform itself does not perform the SEO Services in Pakistan for you; you must devote both financial and human resources to increasing your website’s authority. However, with WordPress, this is much simpler.

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