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Why Should You Consult An Optometrist?

by Uneeb Khan

If your eyesight needs a check-up in order to do what you love, consider an optometrist. Optometrists are experts of the eye and of vision problems. They have either completed or been studying for four years at an accredited optometry school, and are certified with the  Board of Optometry.

There are many reasons why you might need to see an optometrist. Some of the most common reasons for a visit are poor vision and dry eyes. If you go on a lot of long trips, use computers, or work near flickering lights, then you should also consider visiting an optometrist.

You may also need to go see an optometrist if your prescription has changed within the past year. And your eye problems have not improved with glasses or contact lenses. If you notice flashing lights or floaters in your field of vision. If there is a yellow tint all around the edges of everything that is blurry but still readable. Or if light sensitivity makes working at certain times difficult.



Here’s a look at ten benefits you have with these professionals:

1) They can detect any issues before they get worse

This means that not only will your prescription be perfect, but any potential eye health problems. Also get noticed at an early stage. Your optical happiness is essential when watching TV, reading books or newspapers, or driving without the risk of accidents. 

2) They can recommend any new methods

If you are interested in seeing better and trying new ways of doing so, optometrists have the knowledge and eyewear for you. They can recommend glasses, contacts and eye exercises that can help you see better.

3) The recommendations can be cost-saving

Some people pay out of pocket for their eye exams but get reimbursed later by insurance companies. If unsure about your coverage, ask at the optometry office first.

4) You get a comprehensive vision exam

When you see an optometrist, they’ll look at your eyes to check the health status of your eyes and look for abnormalities if any. Before prescribing any eyewear, they’ll also assess your ability to see, determine how you use your eyes for daily activities, and check for any injuries.

5) They can do an eye health assessment

The contact lens fitting process is not the same as an eye exam. Your optometrist can check for eyelashes or eyebrows that are too close to your cornea, dry eyes and other issues that a contact lens user could have but doesn’t realize until it’s too late.

6) Comprehensive treatment of vision problems

They can treat any issues with your vision rather than just prescribe corrective lenses.

7) You will learn about your eyes and vision

When you have a routine eye exam, optometrists look at different parts of your eyes. You will learn about how to care for your eyes and the general health of your vision. This can teach you how to take better care of yourself so that you don’t need another eye exam later on down the road.

8)They can recommend any changes to eyewear

If you wear glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses every day. Let an optometrist help with any adjustments/changes in eyewear in order to maintain your ideal prescription. They’ll also be able to tell if it’s time to change your glasses or sunglasses.




Many people think of an optometrist as simply a person who makes the correct lenses. However, they also compensate for vision problems. Or abnormalities with the use of lenses and contacts. If you are looking for an eye doctor to take care of your vision, consider visiting an optometrist today.

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