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Why Samsung 55 inch 4k Smart TV is the Best?

by Uneeb Khan
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There is no doubt that a 55-inch TV is an excellent choice if you are looking to get a large-screen television. Sometimes, a 43-inch or even a 50-inch TV may seem too small in a larger room, but there are also instances when a 65-inch TV might seem too large in a larger room. 

The other thing is that some of you may want to choose one brand over the other. The Samsung 55-inch TVs listed below are based on these considerations. Some of these Samsung 55 Inch 4K Smart TV also support HDMI 2.1 features. It is making them good choices for gamers looking to play games.

Listed below are some of the best Samsung 55 Inch 4K Smart TV available in India:

Samsung 55 Inch QLED TV- QN90A

This Q90A Samsung 55 Inch 4K Smart TV runs on Tizen OS and allows users to update and stream all popular streaming services through the easy-to-use interface. There are almost no bezels on the TV’s three sides, making it very attractive. Aside from HDR, the TV can also support HDR 10 and HDR 10+ formats. It has a very slim form factor and is extremely easy to use. This TV has the unique feature of being equipped with Samsung TV Plus, allowing users to access free channels. This QN90A Samsung 55 Inch TV price starts from Rs 99,990.

Samsung 55 Inch QLED TV- QN85A

Moreover, the Q85A is yet another Neo QLED Samsung 55 Inch 4K Smart TV that features a mini-LED backlight. This Samsung 55 Inch 4K Smart TV is powered by Neo Quantum Processor 4K and is compatible with HDR 10, HDR 10+, and HLG. The LED TV also supports a 100% colour volume. As well as the display being anti-reflective, the TV boasts wide viewing angles. It also comes with Adaptive Picture, which allows you to change the TV’s settings based on the room lighting condition. Besides the Active Voice Amplifier, the TV also has a speaker amplifier to help with the clarity of dialogue. This QN85A Samsung 55 Inch TV price starts from Rs 87,990.

Samsung The Frame 55 Inch QLED TV – LS03A

You don’t have to look further than Samsung’s frame 55 Inch LED TV. If you want your TV to double up as a piece of art. After not being a TV, the frame can be used for picture frames on your wall instead of a black mirror. Even though the Samsung 55 Inch 4K Smart TV comes with various customizable bezels, it gives the impression that it’s a picture hanging on the wall instead of a television. This Samsung 55 Inch 4K Smart TV is powered by Samsung’s Quantum Processor. Besides this, it has warm tone LEDs for backlighting to enhance the TV’s colours. 

Samsung 55 Inch QLED TV- Q80A

Samsung is once again offering a QLED display through its Q80A model. In addition to the adaptive picture mode, it also has a setting that changes according to the ambient light in the room, so you are sure to get the best picture possible. There is also an HDMI 2.1 port on the TV for those looking to play games. Google Assistant and Alexa are both compatible with the TV. As this Samsung 55 Inch 4K Smart TV runs on Tizen OS. You can access all popular streaming services from the comfort of your home. This Q80A Samsung 55 Inch TV price starts from Rs 1,49,990.

Samsung 55 Inch QLED TV- Q70A

It is a 4K QLED TV from Samsung which supports HDR 10. The Samsung 55 Inch 4K Smart TV is also equipped with dual LED backlighting to enhance the quality of the colours. Furthermore, the TV boasts a wide viewing angle. Additionally, the TV offers Adaptive Picture, which adjusts the TV’s settings based on the available light in the room. The TV is equipped with a feature called SpaceFit Sound that optimizes the sound output based on the space in the room. 

Samsung 55 Inch QLED TV- Q60A

The Q60A is another QLED Samsung 55 Inch 4K Smart TV from Samsung. As part of its technologically advanced features, it houses the Samsung Quantum Processor. It offers a 100% colour volume for DCI-P3 colour space. A slim form factor makes this TV stand tall on the table. It has two legs that hold it in place, making it stand tall on the table. It is possible to adjust the height of the TV. Those looking to play games on the TV will also benefit from its low latency capabilities. This TV is multi-view, allowing you to view two different pieces of content simultaneously.

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