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How to fix it when the HP printer is not printing Black? 

by Uneeb Khan

HP printers are always advised for personal or professional documentation projects because they offer high-quality printing options and are also affordable. Even though their clients benefit from top-notch services such as free shipping and refunds, there may still be technical difficulties when printing, faxing or scanning the document.

Because of this, if you use an HP printer at home or in your workplace, there is a potential that it will cease producing prints of high quality or that it will HP Printer Not Printing Black. We go into great depth about it in the blog article so you can quickly fix the hp printer not printing black and get back to work printing without any problems.

  1. Cartridges that lack ink should be replaced.

Most consumers will probably check the ink levels when a printer stops printing black ink. But if a cartridge isn’t empty of ink, some users could forget to change it. Even if the black ink cartridge isn’t open, you should change it when the ink level is shallow. When an ink cartridge is short on ink, an exclamation point on the ink level indicator indicates this. Therefore, if the ink level indicator for the black ink cartridge displays an exclamation point, replace the black ink cartridge.

  1. Clean the printhead

Most of the time, HP printers with clogged printhead nozzles cannot print in Black. So, some HP printer owners have reported that cleaning the printhead is a remedy that resolves printing issues. Remember that you might need to repeat that procedure a few times to restore print quality fully. Depending on the HP printer model, there may be subtle differences in how you should clean a printhead.

  1. Activate the printer troubleshooter.
  • The search button on the taskbar in Windows 10 can be used by users to launch the Printer troubleshooter.
  • Printers & scanners will be displayed after you type “printer” into the search box.
  • Run the troubleshooter by choosing to Troubleshoot your printer.
  • In the troubleshooter’s window, select the model of your HP printer from the list.
  • Once you’ve done that, click Next to use the troubleshooter to correct the printer.
  1. Orient the Print Head

In the control panel for printer maintenance, most HP printers offer a changeable print head alignment option. The print head should be aligned by following the instructions below: Fixing “hp printer won’t print black.”

  • Before using the printer, confirm that the alignment process is finished.
  • Simply place the plain paper in the input tray.
  • Once the paper edge meets the paper width guide, adjust as necessary.
  • Access Control Panel and select the Printers Option. To align the print heads or cartridges, go to the Tools or Printers Maintenance menu.
  • Using the guidelines on the alignment page, scan your printer to finish the alignment if it has a scanner. Alternatively, send a print job or restart the printer.


To resolve the issue of “why is my HP printer printing in color instead of black,” be sure to check and apply each solution step by step. This article should also be able to help you fix your printer error.

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