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Why A Smart Parking System Is Better Than A Traditional Parking System

by Uneeb Khan
smart parking system

Many barrels of oil are burned each day during parking lot searches. With increasing vehicle size in the luxury category and restricted parking spots in large centers, the car parking issue has been and continues to be a key contributor to traffic congestion. The issue of a lack of parking space is getting worse due to the significant expansion in the number of vehicles on the planet. It is challenging to accommodate the growing number of vehicles in a proper, convenient manner due to the current unmanaged parking lots and transit infrastructure, making an effective and intelligent parking management system essential.

Benefits and Needs Analysis of intelligent parking management system

  1. Make the most use of parking spaces.
  2. Facilitate improved city traffic flow.
  3. Directs locals and guests to open parking spaces.
  4. Real-time spot/vehicle occupancy sensing and prediction accuracy.
  5. Enables the use of data to make intelligent decisions, including historical analytics reports and real-time status applications.
  6. By lowering the emission of CO2 and other pollutants, smart parking significantly contributes to the improvement of urban environments.

The Intelligent Parking System’s description

The smart parking system consists of several systems that operate simultaneously on a single platform for a certain purpose at a given moment. The smart parking system is specifically described as;

  1. Three modules make up the parking system: a monitoring module, a displaying unit, and a Control module.
  2. The monitoring module is equipped with ultrasonic sensors that can detect vacant parking places and provide information to the control unit.
  3. In addition to identifying the vehicle, the sensor also offers other details including the length of time the vehicle has been parked and its condition.
  4. It also identifies a potential shortcut to the parking lot.
  5. Along with these modules, it will also maintain a parking space database, have an SMS gateway that mainly promotes a contactless parking system, and have a centralized system for supervision.
  6. Information is processed by the control units and sent to the supervisory system.
  7. The controller provides information about parking spaces to the centralized system. The user’s mobile phone is subsequently sent information such as the assigned slot, the amount of time spent parking, billing information, and directions.

The fundamental nature of our urban environments can be changed by intelligent parking, making them more favorable to people. Future software solutions will be anticipated to be customized to type designs due to the field’s ongoing change and the continuous invention of new techniques. For this, software modules must be continuously developed and standardized.

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