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Whom Should You Cosplay for this Halloween?    

by Uneeb Khan
Whom Should You Cosplay for this Halloween?

Have you decided, who should you be cosplaying this Halloween? If not then we have some options that can be utilized to get the best out of your event. Normally, cosplay and Halloween are poles apart. However, the only similarity between both is that you get to dress up as your favorite and spend the evening with your friends and family.

Although both events have significant histories, Halloween is still the oldest one. And that can be the reason why people are most connected to each of them. Anyhow, all the changes and development that we witness today in the fashion industry wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for Halloween. Travel back to time and you can compare these changes more effectively. There is a wide range of characters that you can choose to cosplay in the upcoming event. But you must not select any character randomly, instead, make it meaningful this time. 

Some of the best characters to Cosplay this Halloween! 

Below is the list that you must check out if you are looking forward to finding interesting cosplay or characters. Broaden your horizon as much as you can so that you don’t have to look out for suggestions the next time.

Be the pirate! 

Tell us that you are a Depp fan without telling us that you are a Depp fan! There are various ways to do that nothing can be more interesting than being a pirate, right? However, Johnny did not need this franchise to get famous because he was already famous. But as long as the fame is not harming anyone, we think, we are okay with that! 

Moving on, the first one on the list is the character of our beloved Captain Jack Sparrow! But remember that this isn’t the end of the world, you can choose any character from the series. It’s just our personal favorite. Besides, don’t you think, it can be considered one of the sexy Halloween costume ideas for 2022? All you need is a pirate costume and maybe a ship, an ocean, and some treasure. Jk, you can work really with the costume as well. 

How about Sherlock Holmes?

We know he is not the anime but he isn’t any less, correct us if we are wrong. Anyhow, if you are a true detective and want to figure out how everyone is getting so good at cosplaying then this is your chance to do it like a pro! You won’t just have fun but you are most likely to be praised because not everyone can pull this character. So what are you going to need to disguise yourself as Sherlock? Well, probably a wool overcoat, long sleeve dress shirt, Sherlock Holmes sleuth hat, cashmere feels scarf, two-button suit, and lastly, to complete the look, you will need a pair of black dress shoes. And bam! You are good to go! Make sure, you at least nail the character if not the look, we are looking forward to that! 

Bond. James Bond! 

This should be the easiest one on the list because all you have to do is to put on a tuxedo and talk like him, right? No, we are kidding, you are supposed to do much more than that because it’s Bond! James Bond is not your typical character from any series. Characters like bonds are only formed once in a lifetime and that is why, you must not ruin it, not even the look. If you have watched the series throughout then you might be familiar with all of his looks. You can choose the one according to your convenience and use it to cosplay, although, you must look after your belongings because we all know, how expensive the accessories can be. Hence, not only take care of yourself as well as your watches, and even your wine glasses as well — although, you wouldn’t need this if you were a real Bond!

Harley Quinn

Can we have a round of applause for Harley’s Fan club here? So how many of you think that you must go with her comic’s look? And who are those who’d prefer her suicide squad look? Well, since we are focusing on cosplay, it would be much better if we recreate her DC comic character. So about the series, the day they released it, the cast and crew had to face lots of critics as well as appreciation because all the characters were flawless and you just can’t find any loophole, especially in their performances. So Harley Quinn’s Halloween costumes can be bought online and we are pretty sure that you can find them from thrift stores as well. But you might have to go through a bunch of different shops for her signature two-colored wig. Or if you are brave enough, you can experiment on yourself, how about that?

Chucky and Tiffany 

Let’s make the party a little spooky, shall we? Who can be better than Chucky and tiffany to make to set everything on fire? No, not the literal fire please, it’s just an expression. Anyways, if you think that you have a partner who can make it happen then you should try out these two characters. The great thing about Chucky and tiffany is that they can be funny and terrifying at the same time but you would never know unless they are right in front of you with a knife (not the real one) in their hand! 

Okay, it might be hard to make it sound terrifying but it won’t be once you dress up as them, just trust the process and let go with the flow as they say! And don’t forget to get yourself that iconic Chucky’s wig!

The classic scarecrow 

Moving on to the supervillain of just not the DC comics but also the evening! None other than the classic scarecrow! If you want to make it ten times better then find yourself a batman too, because, without him, you may not attract many! This is what you are most likely to hear when you tell others about your cosplay character so you better need to be kept quiet!

Haven’t you ever heard that let your actions speak because they are louder than the words? Well, the character of the scarecrow is pretty anticipated but it’s also the horrific one. Not because of the character but because of the look, however, you can change that. It depends on you how you want it to appear to the people. It can be pretty cute, or spooky as hell!

The Urban Legends

Do you think that any of the above characters is nothing but just a myth or an urban legend? No, and we tell you why, because we always saw these characters on a big screen, and for some weird reasons, we think, they are real. Not the people but the characters. But what about the actual urban legends? Only a few people have claimed of seeing them, and we don’t know if they are right or not because people love to make up stories about urban legends! Anyways, whether they had been seen by anyone or not, we only know how these legends can be recreated. Therefore, we aren’t not going to miss this chance. Here are a few urban legends, if you are willing to do something different this year;

  • Screaming jenny
  • Spider bite 
  • Bloody marry 
  • Bunny boy 
  • Chupacabra 
  • The watcher 
  • The 13th child! 


Another character you are most likely to find in American comic books that are published by Marvel comics. This character is mostly associated with x-man but since we don’t want to go off track, hence, we won’t be talking about its association with any superhero. There is various reason why you must opt for this character for cosplay but we will only point out three. First of all, it’s her blue skin, second of all, her red hair, and last but certainly not least would be her yellow eyes! So do you think you can recreate this character accurately? If you think, you can then you better. Don’t worry, you have plenty of time to practice. 

End Note! 

There you have the most underrated yet anticipated characters for your Halloween bash this year. We hope that you find each option interesting and at least try to recreate some of them, only if you want every eye on you throughout the party. Otherwise, you can go with anything you are comfortable with or you think, would make a better cosplay than these characters! Happy Upcoming Halloween! 

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