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Which Generation Uses Self Storage the Most?

by Mohamed Ali
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Despite the damage done to other sectors by the pandemic. Self-storage in Ireland remains strong – even more so than before it occurred, in fact. More and more people are seeking out self-storage by the year, and that number is only growing. 

What is self-storage?

Self-storage is an industry that offers businesses and individuals the ability to rent out space to store their belongings. There are four main types of self-storage; Storage warehouses or units, containers, lock-ups, and furniture depositories. 

Self-storage space is often rented out on a short-term basis – between one and three months at a time. Depending on your needs, self-storage can also be rented out long-term. 

Usually, self-storage units come with surveillance cameras or alarms, meaning your things are generally even safer. Than they would be at home or at the office.

Who uses self storage and why? 

Ireland, in particular, has seen an increased number of millennials requiring self storage. Where previously GenX has been the biggest market. This is likely due to the fact that rental prices are rising in Ireland, meaning more people are downsizing. Despite the state of the economy, people continue to purchase more than they can fit into their apartments or homes. 

Business and domestic groups

In 2021, Ireland had an estimated 43 self storage facilities. More than half of the self storage units being used were for domestic purposes, sitting at 60%. On the other hand, businesses were responsible for renting out the other 40%. 

Although storage catering to the business sector was lower than domestic. The country saw a massive increase in business owners switching to remote working. Which fuelled the need for self storage of office supplies.

Students and young adults 

In addition to these groups, there has also been a significant increase in young adults. And students seeking self storage solutions. The reasons behind this vary, but it’s likely that students need a place to safely store their possessions. While they are off at college. Or they cannot afford a room big enough for their accumulated belongings. 

Young adults face similar challenges. These days, it is estimated that on average each person requires between 10 and 13 square feet of storage space. Depending on how many people rent out a room, apartment or house. This may not match the space they are able to afford. This is especially true as rent becomes more expensive each year.

Students and young adults may also find themselves moving between cities or jobs more often. Or wanting to take a break and travel. In all these cases, they may not be able to store all their belongings with. Their parents or afford to keep paying rent while they are away.

Should I get a storage unit?

Regardless of which group or generation uses self storage the most. It is clear that it continues to be useful and beneficial to everyone. Self storage may help you to solve a number of challenges

For example, renting out storage space helps to reduce clutter. And offers you added safety and security for your most precious things. It can also save you money because storage units cost less than renting out another room or apartment. 

In emergencies where you need to store your things straight away. Self storage solutions offer immediate sanctuary for your belongings, without any stressful or large waiting periods. 

It also allows you to downsize whilst not having to rebuy all your belongings. When you upscale again, and makes travel and home or office renovation easier and more convenient – just to name a few.

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