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What To Do When Phentermine Stops Working?

by Uneeb Khan
phentermine stops working

Phentermine is an FDA-approved and effective weight-loss medication that works by releasing norepinephrine into the body. This hormone causes a suppression of appetite and the breakdown of fat layers in the body. But, many users report phentermine not working for them within 2 to 3 months of usage. This situation is usually a result of phentermine tolerance and frequent weight loss, preventing any further effects. 

This medication tolerance varies from person to person and can occur at any time, so it is vital to understand how phentermine works to promote weight loss. The medicine induces norepinephrine production in the body, suppressing hunger. When a person does not feel hungry, he eats less, and low-calorie intake reduces fat. 
Dosage tolerance or phentermine not working condition is usually more common in patients taking it for longer durations. But the good news here is that this medicine tolerance is not permanent, and patients can again get visible results after some time. The better way to reduce this condition is by taking a dosage break and letting your body naturally process its absence.

What is Phentermine Plateau, and How to Detect it?

The Phentermine not working phase, also known as the phentermine plateau, is a temporary stall in the medicine effects that stop any further weight reduction and make the body immune to the effects of phentermine. Various reasons can lead to this condition, and it is completely individual. But some recurring conditions include:

  • Dosage Resistance 
  • Water Weight 
  • Energy Balance

    Dosage Resistance

    Over time, our body adjusts to the changes in our diet, sleep cycle, and medications. As we continue taking medicine, although it still affects our bodies, the impact weakens as tolerance increases. The effects of medicines gradually slow down, and we either have to change the dosage quantity or simply find another alternative. So, how does our body adjust to phentermine dosage?

    Water Weight 

    Our body does not hold all the weight in the form of fat, but there is also water weight. Our body gets its energy primarily from glycogen which burns fast when the intake of calories is less. However, utilizing glycogen results in the production of water as a byproduct. So, naturally, when people start their weight loss journey, they lose all the water weight before their fat layers get targeted.

    Moreover, water weight loss is more fast-paced than fat weight. So, people can experience phentermine not working and slowed results after they lose their easily reducible water weight and come to the harder part.

    Energy Balance 

    Healthy weight loss requires a proper balance between calorie intake and general physical activity the person indulges in daily. Phentermine not working situation can occur if the medicine is not adjusted with proper physical activity to maintain an equilibrium of energy.

    Diet Choices 

    Some foods can alter the effects of medicines, and in the case of phentermine, caffeine can alter its course. Caffeine can speed up the process of phentermine flushing from the body and does not let its effect stay for long. Since phentermine gets less time to suppress a person’s appetite, the results may last for a short period causing less weight loss.

    How to Overcome the Phentermine not Working Condition?

    Firstly, it is imperative to note that phentermine was never called a suitable medication for long-term usage. Our body becomes accustomed to natural and synthetic substances once we start using them regularly and may develop some form of self-defense. The same is the case with phentermine but worry not, as this effect is not permanent and can be reversed. 

    So, patients using phentermine for weight loss have to work with a certified health practitioner and put breaks between two phentermine treatments. It is also important to share your medical history, current medication, and allergies with your doctor to ensure no serious side effects. Other drugs may also alter phentermine effects, and if you want to make the most of your treatment, learning to adjust your lifestyle and eating habits is also essential.

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