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What other types of toothbrushes are good for kids?

by Uneeb Khan

Sonic toothbrush vs. electric toothbrush: Who has what it takes to win the test? Should you rather buy a sonic toothbrush or a rotating toothbrush? Before you buy a sonic toothbrush, you may be dealing with questions like this.

Whether you want a sonic toothbrush for whiter teeth or a sonic toothbrush against tartar to encourage you in your purchase decision, you can get an overview of the most important types in the category of toothbrushes here.

Manual toothbrush

  • Also known as mechanical toothbrush
  • No electricity is required to clean the teeth
  • Thorough cleaning is only possible with the correct technology
  • The lowest price compared to the other toothbrushes on this list
  • Suitable for small children who are not yet able to use an electric toothbrush
  • Can be misused for cleaning the household

Electric toothbrush

  • The drive is via an electric motor
  • it can be a round brush head that rotates/vibrates or an elongated brush head that moves from one side to the other
  • Compared to a sonic toothbrush, with such a toothbrush you will need longer to clean your teeth
  • Regular toothpaste is sufficient
  • Best if you want to switch from a mechanical toothbrush to a motor-driven toothbrush

Sonic toothbrush

  • Sound, together with an electric motor, drives the brush head, which moves at a particularly high frequency per minute
  • Rarely available as a sonic toothbrush with a round head
  • You do not need a special sonic toothbrush toothpaste
  • Sonic toothbrushes with pressure control indicate when you have exerted too much pressure on the gums (a low contact pressure is sufficient for thorough cleaning)
  • The elongated brush head covers a large area when brushing the teeth
  • The cleaning principle is similar to that of a manual toothbrush, whereby there are significantly more movements of the brush head per minute

Ultrasonic toothbrush

  • these toothbrushes actually rely on ultrasonic technology that transmits itself in the form of vibrations
  • special toothpaste is required, whereby the ultrasonic vibrations cause small bubbles in the special toothpaste to burst for a particularly thorough cleaning effect
  • gentle and thorough cleaning of teeth and gums
  • additional costs for the special toothpaste

Instead of buying an electric toothbrush that you have to charge regularly, there is a kind of transitional model, which is located between a classic manual toothbrush and a full-fledged electric toothbrush. These toothbrushes look like regular manual toothbrushes. In the handle of such a toothbrush, however, the manufacturer has integrated batteries and a control button for switching on and off.

With these disposable toothbrushes, you can also benefit from the brush head vibrating at the push of a button. The appearance of a manual toothbrush and the fact that it is a disposable product where you can neither replace nor charge the batteries make the crucial difference between such a model to a full-fledged electric toothbrush.

Reference: toy car circuit diagram

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