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What Kinds of Disinfectant Light Products Can You Find on the Market?

by Faisal Sheikh

The well-being of people is directly related to the environments they spend time in. People that come to a business establishment want to feel safe and comfortable. UV disinfecting lights are rapidly becoming a popular chemical-free alternative to creating healthier spaces. These products produce ultraviolet light in various wavelengths that effectively neutralize up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. There are many different products on the market and choosing a suitable one can be overwhelming.

Below we will discuss what to know about different UV disinfecting light products.

What to Know Before Buying a UV Disinfecting Light Product

UV disinfection is a relatively new solution for many organizations, including hotels, restaurants, and retail stores. It is a physical method for killing bacteria because bacteria cannot develop resistance to UV light. It does not use chemicals, eliminating the need to generate, transport, handle or store toxic products. This can be unusual for some people when they first look into UV disinfection.

You should consider consulting an expert to help with installation and maintenance. These products are very cost-effective, but the lifetime of some equipment can vary. An expert can help with concerns you may have about customization and maintenance. They can also answer questions regarding where to install the product and which products will work best for your space. An expert can also help you determine where to install your product.

UV disinfecting light changes the people way approach disinfection. Compared to other disinfectant methods, UV disinfection has a shorter contact time (as quickly as a few seconds for some products). This type of disinfection is effective in inactivating most spores, cysts, and viruses. UV disinfection equipment typically requires less space than other disinfecting methods.

Types of UV Disinfectant Light Products Found in the Market

UV light disinfectant products are usually available in two varieties:

1.) Low-Pressure 

Low-pressure, or low output, UV lights produce a single wavelength, so they consume less power. As a result, they typically have a long lamp life. These lights are less potent than their counterparts, so more lamps are sometimes needed to reach the desired level of disinfection. Products with low-pressure UV light are best suited for moderately high flows where space is limited or if you are trying to keep electricity costs down.

The increased intensity of low pressure UV light makes it popular for disinfecting packaging materials. The efficiency and relatively low power consumption of this type of light make it well-suited for filling and packing activities that run continuously for long periods. 

2.) Medium Pressure

Medium pressure (or high output) UV lights produce multiple wavelengths. This makes them more powerful than their low pressure counterparts. They are ideal for those that want to treat high flow rates with fewer lamps. While medium pressure UV light products are powerful, they are not as efficient and have a shorter lamp life than low pressure products. 

Types of Installations Available:

In addition to their output, UV disinfectant light products can be installed in a variety of ways:

1.) Upper-room UV installation

These lights are installed near the ceiling to disinfect the air the lights in a room’s atmosphere, and over people’s heads. Upper-room UV devices are an excellent choice for overcrowded places because they are aimed away from people.

2.) UV Fixture Installation

These types of fixtures are mounted on the wall or the ceiling. 

3.) UV light and HVAC Equipment

An alternative to the previous setups would be to purify the air before it enters the space. UV light disinfectant products integrated into HVAC systems can help ensure that the air occupants breathe has been disinfected. This setup is ideal for large, spread-out buildings such as schools or other public buildings.

4.) Top of the Table UV fixtures

Tabletop UV lights are helpful for quickly covering a small area. They can be moved efficiently from one room to the next. More passes are required when disinfecting a larger size.

Where to Buy UV Light Products

UV disinfecting lights are available from a variety of vendors. You should research different companies to see which is the best fit for you. The first step to a healthier environment should start with someone that can answer your questions and customize disinfection to meet your needs.

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